Agrabatti making is a profitable business. And with some small equipment and machine, you can start masala agarbatti making business at home. Here we put a detailed guide on how to start an incense stick making business from home.

Generally, Asia Pacific region is the largest producer and consumer of the incense. Additionally, this is a traditional product. Basically, people burn agarbatti for the religious purpose. It is an essential item in every household, temples etc. However, there is another big market for this product.

However, there is another big market for this product. Different types of fragrances are very popular for refreshing the home, spa, resort etc. Additionally, the demand for this product is increasing globally.

Any individual can start this business with small capital investment. However, you must put some startup capital for procuring machine, ingredients and for marketing purpose.

How To Start Masala Agarbatti Making Business

First of all, do some market research. Identify, what type of incense sticks are popular right now. Additionally, determine your business size according to the capital you have.

Generally, you can start this business at home by two ways. One is completely handmade incense sticks. And in another way, you can produce agarbatti with a simple machine.

Check the local laws and tax liabilities for this business. And determine a space for the operation at home.

Procure the machine. Additionally, procure the raw materials. Generally, raw materials are easily available in the Asia Pacific region. Some of the most important ingredients are bamboo sticks and different powder. Other materials are Charcoal dust, Jigat Powder, Nargis Powder, Wood Incense Powder, Joss Powder and several essential oils.

According to the business size, you may hire employees. In starting, you can hire an experienced employee for the production. If you want to cater the local market through channel distribution, then you must have a sales team.

Masala Agarbatti Making Process

First of all, procure the raw materials according to the fragrance you want to produce. Mix the charcoal powder, Gigatu, White chips, etc. according to the formula. Mix with water to have a semi-solid paste. Take this composition on a wooden plank. And apply to sticks by rolling with hands or in automatic incense sticks making machine. Then raw sticks are dipped in suitable perfumery compound diluted with white oil or other solvents like diethyl phthalate (D.E.P.) and dried and packed.

Masala Agarbatti Making Machine

There are different types of agarbatti making machines are available in the market. Generally, three basic types of machines are the manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic machine.

A manual pedal type machine is most cheap and it doesn’t demand any electricity consumption. However, the production output is very less.

There is another semi-automatic machine. It runs by electricity. Additionally, you will get a better production output from this machine. However, one person needs to constantly feed the machine with bamboo sticks.

The fully-automatic machine produces the highest quantity of agarbatti per hour. Additionally, you don’t need to feed the machine with sticks.

For a large scale production, you may need to have a mixer machine and drying machine.

Where To Sell Masala Agarbatti

Sell your product locally first. Additionally, you can sell from the online marketplaces like Amazon. Crafts fairs are the best places to sell this type of products. You can also set up a small online store of your own. However, try to establish a retail distribution channel

However, try to establish a retail distribution channel for your product. A strong distribution channel assures the long-term success of the agarbatti making business.