Attendance Management Software in India in 2016 – Big List

Are you interested to know and try the best time and attendance management software  for your business? Time and attendance systems are used by companies of all sizes to record working hours of employees primarily in order to pay their salary and wages. A time and attendance management system enable an employer to have full control of all employees working hours. It also helps in ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance.

Companies with large employee numbers might need to install several clocking points in order to speed up the process of getting all employees to clock in or out quickly or to record activity in dispersed locations. A Time and Attendance Management System protects a company from payroll fraud and provides both employer and employees with confidence in the accuracy of their wage payments. Here in this post, we recommend top time and attendance management software to consider for your business operations.

Top 5 Attendance Management Software for Small Business in India

1. TimeMate – Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management Software

Managing time attendance and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a payroll Manager. Intelliob time and attendance & timesheet management system records time and attendance details from fingerprint biometric devices. It’s best time attendance system for all business.

For more details visit TimeMate website.

2. Time & Attendance Managment Software from ADP

Attendance Managment Software

ADP’s time and attendance solution help you manage these various challenges with ease.The technologically advanced, yet simple and comprehensive solution provides a convenient way to track your employee’s time and attendance and monitor productivity. The solution also empowers you to calculate payroll accurately, reduce resource deployment, hire smartly and stay legally compliant.
For more details visit ADP website.

3. Time & Attendance Management Software from Spectra-Vision

Attendance Management Software

Spectra vision attendance software offers provide two types of offers

#1. FingerXs (Biometrics Finger Print Attendance Recorder)

Equipped with most reliable fingerprint matching algorithm to ensure unrivalled accuracy with the best verification result.

#2. AR800 (Card Based Attendance Recorder)

Supports all latest RFID technologies with inbuilt EM Reader and the option of having Mifare/HIDiClass/HID Prox. Fingerprint template can be stored on a smart card with HIDiClass/Mifare technology to facilitate data portability & unlimited users without being dependent on the device template capacity.

For more details visit Spectra website

4. MARG ERP 9+ Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management Software

Marg Attendance Management System has a simple user-friendly interface. The software can be easily integrated with any biometric machine.The software also keeps the track & maintenance of all the information of salary transfer. MARG software group have 370+Centers for training and support with 6 lac plus users.

For more details visit MARG website

OfficeTimer – Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management Software

OfficeTimer has a very user-friendly interface. Managers can get to their employee time tracking in minutes with this timesheet software. Employee time tracking software helps you in analysing employee costs, task management, and profit reports just by one click of a mouse.

For more details visit OfficeTimer website