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50 Best Small Scale Automobile Car Related Business Ideas for 2024

Do you want to start a business in the automotive industry? If YES, find here our selected list of highly profitable automobile business ideas that you can start with low cost and without any prior experience.

The automobile itself is a huge industry globally. Additionally, the volume of the industry is growing very fast. Because the vehicle population is increasing every day. Hence, the requirement for different types of after-sale services is also growing.

Generally, the automotive industry offers a wide range of business opportunities to entrepreneurs. Broadly, it consists of manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service-based. Depending on your investment capacity, you can start a business in the automobile industry quite easily.

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However, the success of a small automobile business highly depends on the local market demand and strategic marketing planning. Simply, you will need to identify a problem that people face and an affordable solution for that. Read the post to get a wide list of 50 profitable automobile business ideas and opportunities.

List of 50 Automobile Business Ideas

#1. Airport Bus Shuttle Service

If you live in a city, then you can consider starting this business. You will need to provide comfortable AC buses to the airport passengers. The business demands moderate capital investment. However, this is one of the most profitable businesses in the automobile industry.

#2. Auto Accessories Store

There are numerous ways you can start an auto accessories store. You can open a niche shop, a full-scale accessories store, or an online accessories store. Before starting this business, you will need to conduct market research to identify the local market demand.

#3. Auto Detailing

Auto detailing business is a good way to make extra big money with low investment. Startup costs are low and earning potential is very high. Passion for cars and automobiles is a must to be successful in this business. Additionally, creative marketing is the key to achieving success in this business.

#4. Auto Locksmith Business

Misplacing the car key is a common phenomenon for most car owners. Hence, they look for a reliable trusted auto locksmith service. Starting this business requires specific skills and expertise. In addition, check the laws of your state if there are any licensing or permission aspects.

#5. Automobile AC Repairing Service

If you want to start a niche business in the automotive industry, then you can consider starting an AC repairing business. The ACS installed in the cars or cabins require frequent maintenance and checking. The business demands moderate capital investment. Additionally, you will need to secure a good retail space for this business.

#6. Automobile Magazine

If you want to start a media and advertising-related business in the automobile industry, then you can consider this business. Automobile magazines are very popular among people related to the industry. You’re supposed to provide current happening and stories in the magazines. In this type of business, you will earn the maximum revenue from advertising.

#7. Auto Repair Business

Starting an auto-repairing business demands some sort of skill and expertise. The automobile repair and maintenance sector is huge. Additionally, it offers a wide range of niche services. According to your investment capacity, you can even start the business as a low-cost venture also.

#8. Auto Spare Parts Selling

There are numerous ways you can start an auto spare parts selling business. Auto spare parts are regular consumable items. Additionally, it offers lucrative margins to retailers. You can sell the spare parts from a retail location or online marketplaces.

#9. Aviation Catering Services

It is a very profitable food-related business in the automobile industry. If you are a food enthusiast, you can start this business of your own. However, the business demands substantial startup capital investment. In addition to that, don’t expect a short-term return on this business.

#10. Aviation Fuel Supply

Generally, the aviation industry uses huge amounts of fuel every day. And it demands regular supply to the different airports. Generally, fuel companies hire specific fuel-supplying tankers for this purpose. The business is highly profitable. However, it demands substantial capital investment in starting.

#11. Battery Store

If you want to start a small retail business in the automobile industry, then you can consider this business. A small auto battery retail shop is a profitable business. Also, it demands moderate capital investment to start and run the business. Additionally, you can consider starting the business as a franchise partner of a reputed battery manufacturing company.

#12. Bus Service

Luxury bus rental is a lucrative business for entrepreneurs who want high revenue earnings. People hire luxury buses for different purposes. In this business, both the individual and corporate business houses are your customers. Also, you can have tie-ups with different travel companies.

#13. Cab Service

If you prefer self-employment, you can consider starting a cab service. If you are a beginner without any prior experience, start the business with only one car. As you get confidence in the business, you can scale up with several cars.

#14. Car Advertising Business

This is another advertising and media-related business in the automobile industry. Several companies look for car advertisements. Additionally, several car owners don’t mind fixing the advertisement on the car in exchange for some cash. Here, you can perform the role of an advertising agency for cars only.

#15. Car Dealership

If you want to start a large-scale retail business in the automotive industry, you can consider a car dealership. Car dealers sell the cars for a certain percentage of commission. Additionally, car dealers earn from vehicle servicing and selling spare parts. The business is highly lucrative and it gives a huge social reputation.

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#16. Car Rental Business

This is another thriving business you can start only in the city areas. The business demands substantial startup capital investment and strategic marketing planning. Additionally, you must do intensive market research before commencing the business.

#17. Car Tracker Installation & Repair

Car trackers are very useful things nowadays. Car trackers help to track the vehicle with real-time location information. Therefore, it has become more popular in cargo, courier, delivery, and transport companies. You can start a car tracker installation and repair business with little money.

#18. Car Upholstery Service

Generally, car upholstery service providers provide different types of fabrics, leather, and foam to decorate the interior of a car. In this business, location plays an important role. You must establish the store at a good location. Additionally, the business demands specific skills and moderate capital investment.

#19. Car Washing Zone

If you are looking for a one-time investment business, then you can consider starting a car washing zone. Bikes, cars, and other vehicles require frequent washing and cleaning. Additionally, you can offer several other services from the same store. The list includes auto detailing, insurance, pollution clearance, puncture repair, etc.

#20. Clutch Plates Manufacturing

If you want to start a manufacturing business in the automobile industry, then you can consider this business. Generally, after a specific duration of time, every vehicle needs to change the clutch plates. Additionally, vehicle manufacturing assembling companies purchase clutch plates in bulk quantities. The business is very lucrative and demands moderate capital investment.

#21. Courier Service

Another profitable business an entrepreneur can start is a courier service. A regional courier service company is a highly profitable business. Conduct intensive market research before commencing the business. Additionally, you must have a business plan including a marketing strategy for long-term success in the business.

#22. Delivery Service

Nowadays, delivery service is becoming more popular in both developing and developed countries. The delivery service industry offers a wide range of niche opportunities to entrepreneurs. You can start the business as small and can scale up the business at any moment in time.

#23. Driving School

The demand for reliable and trustworthy driving schools is increasing very fast. Driving school makes it easy to start a business for new entrepreneurs. However, check the licensing and permission issues in your state for driving school operations. Additionally, consider the clients’ safety very seriously.

#24. Drone Repair Workshop

Undoubtedly, drones are becoming hugely popular in different types of work areas. Nowadays, drones are used in photography, surveys, and other important fields. However, drones also require frequent repair and servicing. Hence, starting a drone repair business is a lucrative business to start.

#25. Dump Truck or Waste Disposal Service

These days, waste disposal is a serious challenge every city and state is facing. And that may come as an opportunity for starting a dump truck or waste disposal service business. Additionally, big housing complexes and commercial complexes also look for this type of service. The business is profitable. However, it demands substantial capital investment too.

#26. eBike Selling

As the global fuel price is increasing, the demand for the different types of eBikes is growing. You can start an electronics bike-selling business both offline and online retail. However, the business demands substantial startup capital investment. Additionally, you must conduct market research prior.

#27. Filling Station or Petrol Pump

If you want to start a large business in the automobile industry, you can consider starting a filling station or petrol pump. It is a one-time investment business. Generally, reputed fuel companies publish dealer point requirements for specific locations. And you will need to provide a good location with adequate space to get the filling station permission.

#28. Food Truck Business

Nowadays, the food truck business is gaining immense popularity. It is a low-cost business. Additionally, you can start a business without any prior experience or skill. Generally, food trucks sell different types of ready-to-eat foods, ice creams, snacks, chocolates, and soft drinks.

#29. Headlight Restoration Service

Starting a headlight restoration business requires auto-electrical training. Additionally, it requires low startup capital. However, the profitability of the business largely depends on the number of headlights you can fix in a day or a month. Also, you can offer other allied services if you want to make good money from this business.

#30. Helicopter Service

You can start the helicopter service business in two ways. If you live in a metro city, you can start this service for passengers who want to cover a certain distance within a minimum time. Additionally, you can also start this business in tourist spots to offer the visitors extra amusement and entertainment.

#31. Hot Shot Business

Hotshot involves smaller cargo delivery within a very short period. Hotshot is different from the general trucking business. The business is quite easy to start. However, you must conduct thorough market research before commencing this business.

#32. Jet Ski Rental

The jet ski is a very popular water sports activity worldwide. You can start this business if you live in a location where this type of service has good demand. You need a very small startup capital investment to commence this business. You will need to procure boats of your own to start renting.

#33. Limo Service

According to statistics, the limousine business in the United States has increased over the last fifteen years at an average rate of more than 2.5 per cent and has brought in revenue of over $12 billion. So, it is clear that this type of service has a high demand. If you enjoy meeting different people and working long hours, you can start a limo service business of your own.

#34. Mobile Car Wash

The mobile car wash is just an easy business to start with a small startup capital investment. In this business, you will roam around to wash the cars at their location. Your target audience is the people who seldom get time to wash their cars. You will need to invest to procure the car wash equipment and tools.

#35. Mobile Mechanic Services

This is a great low-cost automobile-related business you can start in city areas and even in small towns. Mobile mechanic service companies address both planned and emergency clients. You will need to have your setup with the required tools and vehicle to move.

#36. Mobile Oil Change Service

Sometimes vehicles need only an emergency oil change. It is a very lucrative automobile business that addresses a niche audience. The mobile oil change business is easy to start. Additionally, you can start and operate the business even from home. It is important to study the local market and craft a clear marketing strategy.

#37. Mobile Windshield Repairing

You can initiate the mobile windshield repairing business from a home location with low startup capital. With little inventory and low operating overhead costs, any individual can start this business with a proper marketing strategy.

#38. Motor Vehicle Insurance Selling

Motor vehicle insurance is a mandatory thing that every vehicle must have to run on the road. Additionally, it needs renewal every year. You can start a motor vehicle insurance selling business on a self-employment basis. You can establish an office in a commercial space or can operate the business from home.

#39. Moving Company

Moving companies or packing and moving businesses is a very lucrative automobile opportunity for new entrepreneurs. However, the business demands substantial capital investment initially. Additionally, you must conduct local market research and craft a business plan to get long-term success in the business.

#40. Parking Lot Renting

Getting a parking space is a problem for vehicle owners in the maximum cities in this world. You can secure space and establish arrangements for keeping a lot of cars there. And you can charge them rent on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

#41. Pool Car Service

A pool car or carpool service is the best solution for those who commute long distances but have limited access to public transportation. The business is highly profitable. However, it demands moderate capital investment and an effective marketing strategy.

#42. Ticketing and Reservation Services

A small ticketing and reservation services business has enough potential to provide a good return to entrepreneurs. Additionally, the business is easy to start compared to other full-scale tour operator service businesses. You must have a retail location that can ensure enough footfalls for your target audience.

#43. Towing Company

This is a one-time investment business. A towing company helps the breakdown vehicles to reach the service station or workshops. The business demands moderate startup capital investment and a proper marketing strategy.

#44. Trucking Company

A simple trucking company is a traditional business. And the business is still very lucrative for new entrepreneurs. Generally, a trucking company helps to transport the goods to a variety of locations. You can have business tie-ups with local transport companies. Additionally, you can accept individual orders too.

#45. Tyre Repairing Kiosk

The tyre of the vehicles needs regular air checking and puncture repair. Hence, you can start a tyre repairing kiosk with a very small space. However, location plays an important role in this business. You can consider securing a location near fuel stations, shopping complexes, or highways.

#46. Tyre Store

Tyre store business demands substantial capital investment. In starting this business, you will need to secure a big retail location for storage, display, and fitting works. Additionally, you will need to procure the tyres from the manufacturing companies.

#47. Used Car Selling

The potential of the used car market is increasing very fast. Therefore, it is creating a potential market for investors who are looking for used car business opportunities. Apart from the individual operation, you can also consider operating as a franchise partner of a reputed brand.

#48. Vehicle Licensing & Registration Service

Every vehicle needs specific licenses and permissions from the Govt authority to run on the roads. Additionally, after a certain period, it demands renewals. You can help car owners to get these tricky matters to their doorsteps without taking any hassles.

#49. Car Review Blog

Probably, blogging is the strongest way to communicate with a large audience virtually. And if you enjoy writing and sharing your knowledge you can start blogging about the automobile industry too. People check car reviews before purchasing new vehicles. And with sharing an honest review on your blog, you can help a large audience.

#50. Window Tinting Service

Starting a window tinting business demands the professional skill of window tinting. You can start this business with low startup capital from a home location also. However, you need the right marketing strategy to get enough customers who need this type of service.

The automobile industry is very large and vibrant. And there are numerous business opportunities you can find depending on your location and investment capacity. We hope this article consisting of 50 automotive and car-related business ideas will help you in making an informed decision.