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Top 21 Small Business Ideas in Assam

Assam is known around the world for the cultivation of tea. Assam is one of the major producer states of crude oil and natural gas in India. The growing socio-economic condition mainly in urban areas of Assam has opened up plenty of business opportunities in Assam.

Apart from buying a franchise, you can also consider starting a small-scale business of your own. The following small business ideas have the potential to make good returns if planned properly.

21 Business Ideas in Assam

#1. Bakery or Cake Shop

The bakery is a traditional business in Assam. Currently, the bakery and cake shop model is gaining huge popularity in small towns and urban areas of the state. Bakery products are perishable items. Additionally, producing delicious cakes is not everyone’s cup of tea.

#2. Start an Online Business from Home

There are a lot of online businesses that you can do with almost no money from home in Assam and earn good money. Below find some of the most profitable businesses:

  • Start a blog
  • Online tutoring
  • Do small tasks
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Survey jobs

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#3. Invest in Stocks

There are a lot of people in Assam making high-profit returns investing in stocks. However, do remember you must learn how stock investing works before jumping into stock trading.

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#4. Coffee Shop

In urban and city areas, the coffee shop is one of the most profitable business ideas in Assam. Over the past decade, the coffee shop industry has been increasing rapidly in the cities and urban areas of Assam. Due to the huge expansion of national and multinational brands, the coffee shop is an emerging sector these days.

#5. Computer Training Institute

Starting a computer training institute can be a profitable business in Assam. The only criteria are you have to be knowledgeable enough about computers and the internet.

In the current digital era, computer education is a basic need for every individual. Also, specialized courses have huge job potential. Some of the popular job-oriented courses are animation, digital marketing, web designing, graphic designing, etc.

#6. Courier Service

Courier service is an essential requirement in any state. Starting a courier company is a lucrative business opportunity in the business services segment. The business does not require any inventory stock. Therefore, it requires a small startup investment.

#7. Saree Business

Assam produces high-quality silk, especially Muga silk and Eri silk. Establishing a silk reeling unit or a silk weaving business can tap into the demand for premium silk products.

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#8. Kids Related Business

If you love spending time with children, you can consider opening a kid’s store business in Assam. Broadly, there are two ways you can opt for. One is opening a small store concentrating on a specific niche. For example, you can concentrate on kidswear, toys, school stationeries, etc. The other option is opening a full-scale kid’s store with a wide product range.

#9. Mobile Store

Due to the huge availability of budget smartphones and mid-range smartphones, overall smartphone sale has increased significantly in Assam. In this scenario, opening a smartphone shop with accessories is a lucrative opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Broadly, you can open the store in two ways. The first option is opening a store with a multi-brand availability and the other is opening a smartphone brand store.

#10. Momo Shop

Originally, momo was a north Indian food. Starting a momo business is a wonderful option for entrepreneurs who want to start a low-cost food business. Momo is a Tibetan dish. However, it has a strong presence in the fast-food menus of all areas in Assam.

Momo comes in both the veg and non-veg options. Some of the most popular stuffing options are vegetables, paneer, mushroom, chicken, mutton, pork, etc. Preparing the perfect momo is not an easy task.

#11. Petrol Pump or Fuel Station

The Assam-Arakan basin holds about a quarter of the country’s oil reserves and produces about 12% of its total petroleum. So, opening a petrol pump or fuel station is a lucrative opportunity here.

Generally, the oil companies decide on the location for the dealership after studying feasibility. Selecting the location includes an expansion plan earmarking the reservation category for each location.

However, you can also apply independently for the petrol pump dealership to the relevant companies. Some of the most popular petroleum brands are HP, Indian Oil, Essar, Reliance Petroleum, etc.

#12. Preschool

You can consider starting a preschool in your locality in Assam. Every parent nowadays wants to provide quality education to their kids. Love for kids and tutoring will always be a plus to be successful in this business. Opening a preschool or playschool is a fantastic business opportunity in the education sector.

#13. Tea Plantation and Processing

Assam is renowned for its tea production. Starting a tea plantation or tea processing unit can be a profitable venture.

#14. Eco-Tourism

Assam’s rich biodiversity and natural beauty make it an ideal destination for eco-tourism. Establishing eco-resorts or offering nature-based tourism experiences can be a lucrative business.

#15. Handloom and Handicrafts

Assam has a rich heritage of handloom and handicrafts. Starting a business that promotes and sells traditional Assamese textiles, crafts, and artefacts can be a rewarding venture.

#16. Organic Farming

Assam’s fertile soil and favourable climate make it suitable for organic farming. Cultivating organic fruits, vegetables, spices, or medicinal plants can be a sustainable business opportunity.

#17. Adventure Tourism

Assam’s scenic landscapes, wildlife reserves, and rivers provide ample opportunities for adventure tourism activities such as river rafting, trekking, and wildlife safaris.

#18. Assamese Cuisine Restaurant

Establishing a restaurant that specializes in Assamese cuisine can attract both local and international food enthusiasts.

#19. Herbal and Ayurvedic Products

Assam is known for its rich herbal resources. Manufacturing and selling herbal and Ayurvedic products like oils, cosmetics, or medicinal herbs can be a profitable business.

#20. Fish Farming

Assam’s abundant water resources make it conducive for fish farming. Starting a fish hatchery or commercial fish farming business can be a lucrative venture.

#21. Bamboo and Cane Crafts

Assam is famous for its bamboo and cane crafts. Starting a business that produces and sells bamboo and cane products like furniture, baskets, or decorative items can be a promising opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have prior experience in the chosen business idea?

While prior experience can be helpful, it is not always necessary. Conduct thorough research, learn about the industry, and seek guidance from experts to ensure a successful start.

Are there any government schemes or subsidies available for these businesses in Assam?

Yes, the Government of Assam provides various schemes, subsidies, and financial assistance for promoting entrepreneurship and business development. Stay updated with the state government’s initiatives and consult relevant departments for more information.

Are there any legal requirements or licenses needed to start these businesses?

Yes, you may need specific legal requirements and licenses to start a business in Assam. Ensure compliance with local laws, including obtaining necessary permits, registrations, and licenses such as trade licenses, GST registration, FSSAI license (if applicable), etc.

How can I market my business effectively in Assam?

Utilize a mix of traditional and digital marketing strategies. Consider promoting your business through local media, participating in trade fairs and exhibitions, leveraging social media platforms, and building partnerships with local tourism agencies, hotels, or travel operators.

What is the potential customer base for these businesses in Assam?

The potential customer base varies depending on the business. Assam’s population, tourists, tea buyers, eco-tourism enthusiasts, food lovers, and those interested in traditional crafts and products can be potential customers for various business ideas.