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How to Start Candle Making Business From Home

A candle making business from home is a very lucrative way to earn for any individual. Especially, it is a good money-making idea for housewives, moms, and even for the students. Definitely, you can earn some extra money or side income from this home-based business. However, in starting the business, you need some resources for knowing the ins and outs of the business.

Broadly, there are two types of candles available in the market. One is the long white candles. Generally, people buy these candles for religious purposes. And the other one is the decorative scented candle. And these are considered lifestyle and luxury items. Naturally, this type of candle fetches more profit than the regular one.

If you have a creative and crafty mind, then you can earn money definitely from a candle-making business from home. We only recommend producing decorative and scented candles.

Why Candle Making Is An Easy & Profitable Home Business?

  • You can start a candle-making business from home without any type of machinery and unit setup.
  • You can start a business of your own without taking any manpower.
  • The raw materials for this business are easily available throughout the globe even online.
  • Decorative scented candles are luxury products. People buy this item for decoration, gifts, and rejuvenating purposes. Even the item has a good impact on yoga and meditation.
  • You can make and sell the candle with some of the equipment and hand tools. And these are also available in the local market.
  • The business doesn’t demand any upfront heavy startup capital investment.
  • There are numerous ways of selling decorative candles.

What It Takes To Start A Candle Making Business From Home

  • Generally, a candle-making business includes making candles and selling them to consumers. And for this, you will need to know the raw material, availability, making process, packaging, and where to sell.
  • Additionally, determine a dedicated workspace for your business. It will help you in balancing home and business.
  • Give a lucrative name for your candle business. And try some innovative ideas for the packaging.
  • In starting the business, firstly learn the candle-making process clearly. Starts making the candles of your own. Use it. Offer to your friends and relatives. And then go for the commercial selling.

Equipment & Tools for Making Candles

Generally, a home-based candle-making business doesn’t demand any sort of machinery. Definitely, you will need some equipment and hand tools.

One of the most important items is a melting pot where you can melt the wax. You can use an oven for heating or you can buy a steel vessel with a hot oil jacket.

Additionally, you will need to have different types of mold. And there are numerous molds are available on the market. Some of the most popular types are flowers, animals, cartoons, etc. And for scented candles, you will need to procure different types of glass containers and bowls.

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Candle Making Raw Materials

The major raw material you need is wax. In addition to that, you will need different types of colors, and fragrances. Also, you need to procure threads. Finally, you need packing materials. When it comes to crafting items, you must try attractive and innovative packaging for your products.

Where to Sell Candles

Crafts selling is not a difficult job at all in today’s digital era. Practically, there are several options you can explore for selling decorative candles online.

However, the most prudent option is selling from your own website. First of all, select a good, catchy, and memorable name for your candle business. And then get a domain name and craft a website. On the website, you can sell the candles from the store and additionally keep a blog also. Additionally, promote the products on popular social media platforms. And definitely, you can sell the candles to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. A home party is also the best place to sell candles.


If you have a hobby or passion for the craft, this business is perfect for you. Additionally, candle-making is a self-rewarding business as well.