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How to Start Hawai Chappal Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start a Hawai chappal manufacturing business? Find here a basic guide on starting a rubber slipper manufacturing business with the process, profitability, machines, etc.

The rubber slipper is one product that is found in every household. In India, slippers are also called Hawai chappals. Hawai chappals are lightweight footwear used by gents, ladies, and children and are used probably by every person in society of all ages.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology slippers are being manufactured in a lot many variations including fancy chappals. Anybody can start this business by investing a little money.

The slipper manufacturing project is one of few manufacturing projects where demand is always there and can be started with less investment.

Is Hawai Chappal/ Slipper Making Business Profitable?

Today people from both the urban and rural areas are using slippers. Tastes and requirements vary for every cross-section of society. Slippers are now made in different types and by different manufacturing processes.

There is a good demand for this product in rural and urban areas all across the globe.

8 Steps to Launch a Hawai Chappal Manufacturing Business

1. Create a Business Project Plan

The first step towards actually starting a Hawai chappal manufacturing business is to draft a project report for manufacturing slippers. If you are looking for funds and are serious about the business, it is advised to get help from professional plan writers in creating your project plan.

Some of the key aspects that your project report must address are mission and vision, costs and investments, profile of target customers, industry and competitor research, pricing plan, financial plan, manpower plan, and marketing plan.

2. Name your Hawai Chappal Manufacturing Business

It is essential to name your chappal manufacturing business. This is because it not only enhances brand growth but also helps customers to relate to your company whenever a customer plans to buy slippers. Some of the names that you can draw inspiration in the slipper industry are the following:

  • Bata
  • Khadims
  • Sreeleathers
  • Ajanta

3. Make your Slipper Manufacturing Business Legally Compliant

Registering your business is a must if planning to start a legally-compliant hawai chappal manufacturing business. There are various types of legal entities to choose from based on your scale of operation. Some of the popular ones are sole proprietorship, partnership, LLP, and Private Limited Company. Talk to a local lawyer or concerned professionals and select the one that suits you best.

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Furthermore, you will require specific licenses and permits to manufacture slippers in your locality. Some of them are trade licenses, factory licenses, etc. Nowadays GST is mandatory to manufacture slippers in the country.

4. Raw Materials for Hawai Chappal Manufacturing

The main raw material for Hawai chappal making is the rubber sheet. Sheets can be of two types. One is rubber and the other is PVC. In addition, the other most important component that you need to procure for making Hawai chappals is straps.

5. Machines Required for Slipper Manufacturing

There are three types of machines available for manufacturing slippers. They are automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Select the one that fits your budget. Some of the major machinery and equipment needed to manufacture slippers manually are the following:

  • Fly press for the cutting sheet (hand-operated)
  • Drilling machine
  • Finishing machine
  • Cutting dies of different sizes and shapes
  • Hand tools
  • Furniture and equipment

6. Cost of Starting a Hawai Chappal Manufacturing Business

The cost and investments of launching a Hawai chappal manufacturing business will depend on the size, scale of production, and machinery expenses. An automated slipper manufacturing unit will cost more than a manually operated one. However, on average a semi-automatic hawai chappal manufacturing unit will require an investment in the range of Rs. 5 Lacs to 10 Lacs.

7. Learn the Hawai Chappal Manufacturing Process

One must learn the basic operational process of making chappals before actually jumping into the business. Some of the basic steps are listed below:

  • Buy sheets of rubber and straps.
  • Purchase 1 to 9-sized dies and a drill machine.
  • Fit the dies in the Press Machine, the rubber sheet will be cut in a particular size or measurement.
  • Get the drill machine.
  • In the drill machine, you can see the punching dies.

To fit the straps you have to make holes in the rubber sheets through the drill machine. Now fit the straps in the holes of the rubber sheets and the Slippers are ready to use.

You need ½ horsepower motor and 220 volts to operate the machine.

8. Create a Website & Go Online

In the last few years, people are more and more buying products online. The recent data shows, that the sales of slippers or hawai chappals from online marketplaces have grown substantially. As a result, creating a website and selling online is essential for business owners.

The demand for Hawai chappal or slippers exists throughout the year. If you are looking to start a small manufacturing business in the leather industry, Hawai chappal making business is worth considering.