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How to Start Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Business in 10 Steps

Do you want to start a small-scale ice cream cone making business? This article includes a detailed sample project profile with ice cream cone manufacturing machine details, raw materials, production process, project cost, and profit.

Ice cream cone is a mass consumption item. Nowadays, people consume ice cream throughout the year during any season. And the cones are the best available options to serve ice cream easily. Cones are easy to store and there is no disposal need. With the continuous increase in the sale of ice-creams, demand for cones is increasing.

Starting an ice cream cone manufacturing business is easy to start. The production involves simple processes and machinery. Also, it needs a small infrastructure. Apart from building a brand, you can sell the product in the local market too. Finally, you can start this project with a small capital investment.

10 Step Ice Cream Cone Making Business Project Plan Guide

Step 1: Analyze the Market Opportunity

In starting as such any business, this is the first and most important aspect that you need to consider carefully. Consumption of ice cream has been increasing steadily over the years. With changing lifestyles and food habits, this trend would continue even in the future. Also, the growing travel industry plays an important role in the growing demand for ice cream cones.

The majority of the consumers prefer ice cream in cups or cones. Also, cones are perfect during the consumption of ice cream while roaming. Serving in paper cups requires a spoon to eat and disposal is a problem. But in the case of cones, there is no need to have a spoon and they are eaten along with the ice cream.

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Thus, this is the most convenient way of serving and is also preferred by customers. You can find a lot of national and local brands in this industry. However, the localized ice cream cone manufacturers dominate the regional market. Therefore, we can conclude, ice cream cone making is a profitable business for food entrepreneurs.

Step 2: Prepare the Business Project Report

After you decide to initiate the project, you need to prepare the business plan or project report. Broadly, a project report has two parts. One is the technical part. It contains the organization details, manufacturing technology, production process, machinery details, etc. And the second part is the financial aspects. It includes cost, profit, ROI & Break-Even.

If you can provide the inputs of the first part, then you can use any business plan-making software for preparing the financial aspects. And if you can’t, then you need to take professional help in preparing the project report.

Step 3: Arrange Finance

You will need to arrange finance according to the specific requirement. The finance requirement depends on the unit size and the required production output. Here, we have provided a sample cost and profit ratio including the bank loan for your ready reference.

Sample Project Cost of Small Ice Cream Cone Making Manufacturing Business

The cost and investment of any manufacturing business is broadly divided into two categories. One is the fixed cost and the other is working capital cost:

Fixed Cost

Land & Building = 1.25 Lakh
Plant & Machinery = 2.00 Lakh
Other assets = 0.35 Lakh
Contingencies & pre-expenses = 0.95 Lakh
Total = 5.37

Working Capital Cost

Raw material = 15.55 Lakh
Salary = 0.90 Lakh
Utilities = 0.36 Lakh
Repairs & Maintenance = 0.24 Lakh
Selling expenses = 3.69 Lakh
Administrative expenses = 0.36 Lakh
Depreciation = 0.60 Lakh
Interest on Term Loan = 0.34 Lakh
Interest on Working Capital = 0.25 Lakh
Cost of production = 22.29 Lakh

Step 4: Business Registration & Licenses for Ice Cream Cone Making Business

After arranging the finance, you will need to register the business. Apart from the sole proprietorship, the other options are to register the business entity are LLP, Pvt Ltd, or Ltd company. Select the business structure that best suits your scale of operation.

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After registering, apply for Trade License and MSME Udyog Aadhaar registration. The ice cream cone making business requires an FSSAI license. If you recruit more than 10 employees, register with PF & ESI. This type of unit doesn’t require any Pollution Control NOC.

Step 5: Setup the Ice Cream Cone Making Manufacturing Plant

And now you will need to establish the unit. You can set up a small-scale unit in a space of 500 Sq Ft covered area also. Check the electricity and water supply availability. Also, you need a transport facility. Prepare a floor plan. You need to determine the specific area for installing machinery, production, material despatch, store, and official work.

Step 6: Procure Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

  • Automatic ice cream cone manufacturing machine. It includes Sifter, dough kneader, Cone making machine automatic, sugar pulverize, weighing scales, etc.
  • Lab Equipment
  • Office Furniture

Step 7: Hire Manpower

For operating the unit, you need skilled and experienced manpower. Generally, the number of manpower requirements depends on the unit size and production output. Here, we put a detail of basic employee requirements.

  • Production In-charge
  • Skilled Worker
  • Accountant
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Executive

Step 8: Procure Raw Materials for Ice Cream Cone Making Business

First of all, the major dry ingredients are wheat flour, cornflour, and sugar. Wet ingredients include water, shortening (edible fat or grease), coloring, flavoring, and salt. Both the coloring and flavoring are natural products made by outside specialists.

Additionally, you need to arrange the packaging consumables. In the packaging, the most essential is moisture-proof packing.

Choose the quality raw materials to get the quality baking, strength, and sweetness. Actually, the finished product quality depends on the quality of the ingredients.

Step 9: Ice Cream Cone Making Process

The process of edible cone making is basically a mechanical press operation. Initially, mix the corn and wheat flour with water. Also, add the required quantity of colors and flavors. This dough is then fed to the mold of the cone-making machine. The press is operated and the molded cones are baked separately and packed.

Step 10: Quality Control for Ice Cream Cone Making Production Unit

Generally, the quality control measures include the crispy and sweetness of the cones. Prepare the dough carefully and add the right quantity of sugar and flavoring agent. Also, packaging plays an important role in the successful ice cream cone-making process.