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Best 15 Jackfruit Business Ideas with Big Profit

Jackfruit is often referred to as the “miracle fruit.” It offers a plethora of business opportunities in India due to its versatility and nutritional value.  Find here a curated list of the most profitable jackfruit business ideas for your ready reference.

The scientific name of jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus. It belongs to the Moraceae family. Also, it is one of the largest tree fruits in the world. Tropical countries are the major producers of jackfruits.

The northern and southern parts of India produce jackfruits. In India, some of the major jackfruits-producing states are Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

The primary economic product of jackfruits is the fruit. People consume it both when immature and when they mature. However, you can’t keep the sweet pulp of the fruit for a long time because of its highly perishable nature. Hence, every year there a huge post-harvest loss occurs during the peak time.

Currently, the different Govt research centers including CFTRI are trying to standardize the production protocol of value-added products from jackfruits. These are all as per the FSSAI standard. Hence the entrepreneurs can start a small-scale food processing unit to produce value-based products from jackfruits.

List of 15 Jackfruit Business Ideas

pic of a jackfruit

#1. Canned Jackfruit

Apart from the domestic market, canned jackfruit is a great jackfruit-related business and has good export potential also. As raw fruit is a highly perishable item, we can preserve it in sugar syrup for a long duration of time. You will need to use the crisp bulbs of the ripe Jackfruit for canning purposes. Also, you will need raw materials like Sugar, Citric Acid, and packing materials like Tin Cans, etc. for operating the unit.

#2. Jackfruit Processing Unit

Establish a jackfruit processing unit where raw jackfruit is cleaned, sliced, and packaged for sale in the market. Processed jackfruit products such as frozen jackfruit slices, chips, or canned jackfruit can be manufactured and distributed to retailers or exported.

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#3. Fruit Bar

Generally, fruit bars are healthy snack items that provide a delicious taste. It is also popular as fruit toffee. So, fruit bars have a wide market throughout the country. You can prepare the fruit bar from jackfruits also. Commercial manufacturing is a highly profitable business. As for the raw materials, you will need starch, sugar, colour, preservatives, skimmed milk powder, hydrogenated fat, flavour, glucose, etc.

#4. Jackfruit Ice Cream

Ice creams in different fruit flavours are gaining huge popularity these days. Currently, people of all age groups consume ice creams throughout the year. Hence, it is not a seasonal business. And you can prepare ice cream with jack pulp. Initiating this type of unit demands a very small startup investment. From the same unit using the same machinery and equipment, you can produce other items also.

#5. Jack Chips

Raw jackfruit is the basic raw material for fried jack chips. First of all, cut the raw jackfruits into large pieces. Then, remove the bulbs and seeds by hand. Then cut the raw bulbs into suitable lengthwise pieces. Finally, fry these pieces in coconut oil or refined vegetable oil. Also, you may add salt to the frying pieces to enhance their taste and preservation.

#6. Jackfruit Nectar

“Nectar” typically refers to beverages produced by the dilution of fruit pastes or juices with or without the addition of sweeteners. It is a healthy food item even for children and seniors. in nectar processing, you will need to remove the bulbs from ripe jackfruit. And pass them through a pulping/fruit mill. Then mix with about 10% hot water and pass through a pulper having a fine sieve of 1 mm hole. Now you can use this pulp for preparing nectar.

#7. Jackfruit Peda

Peda is a typical Indian sweet and it is also popular as khoa.  Peda is harder and has a granular texture in comparison with burfi. Generally, it comes as round. Manufacturing of Peda involves blending and kneading khoa and sugar until a smooth and homogenous product is formed. Here you can add jackfruit pulp to prepare jack Peda. The manufacturing process is simple. And it doesn’t demand a huge investment.

#8. Jackfruit Squash

In India, fruit squash is a popular product in preparing homemade cold drinks like sharbat. You can find a wide number of established brands like Kissan, Druke, Ruhafza, etc. You can prepare jackfruit squash from the juice and pulp. The manufacturing process is simple. You will need to provide good quality moisture and leak-proof packaging.

#9. Jack Seed Flour

You can process jackfruit seeds into flour. It can be used in baking, cooking, or as a thickening agent in recipes. Jackfruit seed flour is gluten-free and rich in protein, making it a versatile ingredient for a variety of culinary applications. The manufacturing of jackfruit seed flour is easy. Also, the technology is readily available for entrepreneurs.

#10. Jackfruit Jam

For jam preparation, you will need to use fully ripe jackfruits. You can prepare it by boiling fruit pulp with sugar, pectin, and acid. You need to invest a small startup capital to start a jam and jelly small-scale manufacturing unit. Jam is an intermediate moisture food and high sugar content increases its caloric value. Due to the sweet taste, people of all age groups consume jam frequently.

#11. Jackfruit Pickles

You can manufacture and market jackfruit pickles. Jackfruit pickle is a traditional Indian delicacy made by marinating raw jackfruit in spices and vinegar. Jackfruit pickles have a unique flavour profile and can be served as a condiment or accompaniment to meals.

#12. Jackfruit Flour Production

Utilize jackfruit to produce gluten-free flour, which can be used as a substitute for wheat flour in baking and cooking. Jackfruit flour is high in fibre and nutrients, making it a popular choice among health-conscious consumers.

#13. Jackfruit Snack Manufacturing

Making jackfruit-based snacks can be a profitable jackfruit business. You can create innovative jackfruit-based snacks such as jackfruit chips, crisps, or dehydrated jackfruit slices. These healthy and delicious snacks can cater to the growing demand for natural and nutritious snack options.

#14. Jackfruit Farming and Nursery

Establish a jackfruit plantation and nursery to propagate and cultivate high-quality jackfruit trees for commercial sale. Provide jackfruit saplings, seeds, and farming expertise to farmers and growers interested in cultivating jackfruit.

#15. Jackfruit Tourism

Develop jackfruit-themed tourism experiences such as jackfruit orchard tours, cooking workshops featuring jackfruit recipes, and eco-friendly accommodations set amidst jackfruit plantations. Jackfruit tourism promotes agritourism and provides visitors with an immersive experience of the local culture and cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit native to South and Southeast Asia. It is the largest tree-borne fruit and is known for its sweet flavour and meaty texture.

Is jackfruit nutritious?

Yes, jackfruit is highly nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. It contains antioxidants and is a good source of energy.

Are there any health benefits of consuming jackfruit?

Yes, jackfruit offers several health benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced immune function, and better heart health. It is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Can jackfruit be consumed in various forms?

Yes, jackfruit can be consumed fresh, ripe, or unripe. It can also be processed into various products such as chips, jams, and beverages.

Is jackfruit cultivation sustainable?

Yes, jackfruit cultivation is considered sustainable as it requires fewer inputs compared to other crops and has a high yield potential. Additionally, all parts of the jackfruit tree are utilized, minimizing waste.

What are the market opportunities for jackfruit-based businesses?

The market for jackfruit-based products is growing rapidly due to increasing consumer interest in plant-based foods, natural ingredients, and alternative sources of protein.

Are there any challenges associated with the jackfruit business?

While jackfruit cultivation is relatively low-maintenance, challenges such as pest infestations, diseases, and post-harvest handling issues may arise. Proper management practices and value-addition techniques can help mitigate these challenges.

How can I start a jackfruit-related business?

To start a jackfruit-related business, you can begin by conducting market research, developing a business plan, and acquiring necessary skills and resources. Depending on your chosen business idea, you may need to invest in equipment, processing facilities, and marketing efforts.

Are there any government schemes or subsidies available for jackfruit farmers and entrepreneurs?

Yes, various government schemes and subsidies are available for farmers and entrepreneurs engaged in horticulture and agribusiness activities, including jackfruit cultivation and processing. It is advisable to check with local agricultural authorities or departments for specific schemes applicable in your area.

Where can I find more information about jackfruit cultivation, processing, and business opportunities?

You can find more information about jackfruit cultivation, processing, and business opportunities through agricultural extension services, research institutions, industry associations, and online resources dedicated to horticulture and agribusiness.