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20 Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profit

Are you searching for low investment business ideas? And do you want to ensure high profit also? Find here a list of 20 business ideas in the food industry that you can start with low investment.

Almost every first-generation entrepreneur these days is looking for low-cost business ideas? However, it’s immensely difficult starting a business with a shoestring budget and earning a profit. So, you need to think about a business that requires one or two machines. And if it’s retail, then you must select a business that needs less inventory.

Generally, suburbs, small towns, and Tier 2 cities are the ideal locations for starting a low investment business. Additionally, sometimes the rural areas fit for these opportunities. However, the possibility of success depends on several aspects that you need to consider very carefully before investing even a single penny.

List of 20 Low Investment Business Ideas with High Profit

#1. Biryani Shop

Currently organized biryani chains are getting huge popularity in the northern, eastern, and western parts of India. People opt for biryani as the main meal of the day either as lunch or as dinner. Hence, you can definitely consider starting a biryani shop of your own or as a franchise partner of a reputed brand. Read More…

#2. Biscuit Making

Generally, biscuit comes under the FMCG segment. The Indian population consumes biscuits every day with tea coffee or with other hot beverages like milk or health drinks. If you are looking for a business idea with low investment and high profit, then you can certainly consider biscuit making.

#3. Cake Shop

Currently, the successful cake shop companies not only serve cakes but also several ready-to-eat items. The list may include cooking, pastry, snack items, ice cream, and cold drinks. Currently, it is one of the most successful food retails in the bakery and confectionery segment. Also, initiating a cake shop requires low investment and it ensures a high profit.

#4. Chocolate Making

Definitely, chocolate is a tasty and delicious food item. Not only the children even seniors like chocolates. The commercial chocolate-making process is simple. And if you have sufficient space, you can start the business even at home.

#5. Food Truck

The food truck is a current phenomenon in the Indian food retail industry. Running a food truck doesn’t require a huge investment. However, it ensures the return from the very fast day. Selecting the right menu, location and pricing are the most crucial aspects of this business.

#6. Fruit Shop

Opening a fruit shop is a low-cost business. Generally, the stall in a market or a kiosk is the best place to run this type of business. Fruits are highly perishable items. So, you need to have the proper storage system. Apart from the normal fruits, organically grown fruits ensure better profitability.

#7. Ginger Garlic Paste Making

This is an FMCG item. And it is getting immense popularity not only in the urban areas but also in small towns and rural areas. Any individual can start this business on the small scale with moderate capital investment. Read More…

#8. Grocery Shop

The grocery shop is a traditional and one of the most successful businesses in India. Due to the high population density, with the minimum effort, you can open a profitable grocery shop business. You can keep other value-added products to enhance the overall profitability of the shop.

#9. Icecream Cone Making

Ice cream cone is a mass consumption item. Nowadays, people consume ice cream throughout the year during any season. And the cones are the best available options to serve ice cream easily. Cones are easy to store and there is no disposal need. Read More…

#10. Jam Jelly Making

In the entire food processing industry, jam and jelly are the most common product that you can produce easily. It needs minimum machinery. Hence, the fixed capital cost is so less. Even, if you have already a 9 to 5 job, then also you can consider this business to start. Read More…

#11. Momo Shop

Actually, momo shop is such a business that you can start with a small retail space even with a 5×5 Sq Ft area. You can find a lot of successful momo franchises in the food retail industry these days. Also, momo shop ensures a high return from the very first day of opening.

#12. Noodles Manufacturing

Broadly, there two different types of noodles are very popular in our country. These are plain noodles and instant noodles. Instant noodles come with specific spices. And you can cook it only by adding water. Noodles come under the FMCG industry. And from a small unit, you can produce noodles with other value-added products like pasta, macaroni, etc.

#13. Packaged Drinking Water Production

The location plays an important role in the packaged drinking water business. Only you can sell the water where people face the crisis for the drinking water. Also, you need to determine the packaging very carefully. If you want to tap the households then the 20 ltr packing is preferred. On the other hand, 1 ltr packing is best for selling at tourist places.

#14. Papad Making

Basically, people consume papad as a taste enriches with the main course and as a snack item. It is nutritious as well as tasty. Generally, one can consume papad as fried or roasted. The shelf life of papad is 2½ to 3 months. Actually, papad is an FMCG item. Any individual can initiate a papad-making business on a small, medium, and large-scale basis depending on the investment capacity. Read More…

#15. Pickles Making

A wide range of pickles with different tastes is very popular in India. Some of the most popular are mango pickles, cucumber pickles, mix pickles, tamarind pickles, lemon pickles, jackfruit pickles, etc. If you love preparing delicious food, then you can open a small pickle-making business with low investment.

#16. Popcorn Stall

Actually, popcorn is a highly popular ready-to-eat snack item. A popcorn stall is a perfect business in the metro cities and suburbs. You can ensure success when you open on a shop-in-shop basis. Due to the increasing mall culture and multiplexes, the consumption of popcorn is growing rapidly.

#17. Soda Shop

Soda is very popular among the young crowd including teenagers. Basically, it is an ideal business to start nearby schools, colleges, or any other educational institution. The business is easy to start. And it requires very low investment.

#18. Spice Processing

The spice itself an important industry in India. Our country is the largest producer of several spices including ginger, turmeric, chili, and cumin. Hence, the country earns a good export revenue from the spice industry. Read More…

#19. Sugarcane Juice Shop

Actually, sugarcane juice is a healthy drink. Due to the long duration of the hot summer season, sugarcane has got popular throughout the country. People prefer to have this drink during hot days. Starting a sugarcane juice business requires a very small investment. There are several different types of machines available for getting juice from sugarcane.

#20. Tamarind Paste Making

Tamarind pulp is edible. And people use tamarind pulp in preparing different types of food. Also, it is used as the pickling agent. Basically, tamarind has a sour taste. It is a low investment business. And the product has good demand in the domestic market. Read More…

Apart from the above list, you can find a lot of other business ideas with low investment that ensures a high profit. However, you need to select an idea according to your own skill knowledge and investment capacity.