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10 Best Ways To Make Money With YouTube

Do you know you can earn money from YouTube? And you can make money almost without any startup investment. Whatever you love to do passionately, you can share that. And there are ways to earn money from those videos. Here we put a list of the best 10 ways to earn money from YouTube.

There are numerous famous YouTubers worldwide who make handsome money from the channel. And the amount is very inspiring. According to the Wall Street Journal, PewDiePie (A famous youtube channel) earned $4 million in 2013 alone.

However, we are not saying that you can make money overnight. But yes, you can make money with great videos, proper strategic planning, dedication, and persistence.

Additionally, you can start creating videos with your smartphone initially. However, soon as you start earning, you will definitely put effort into making good videos with help of professional videographers.

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money On YouTube

#1. Adsense Earning

This is the easiest and most effective way of earning from the YouTube channel. When you create and publish the videos and can generate a considerable view of your videos, you can apply for Google Adsense. Remember that YouTubers get paid by Adsense and not YouTube. YouTube is monetized by Adsense.

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So now the question is how much you can earn from Adsense. Google says, ‘There’s no precise answer because your earnings will depend on a number of factors. However, YouTubers get paid according to the CPM. CPM stands for cost per mille, also called cost ‰ and cost per thousand (CPT). In Latin, mille means thousand and it stands for cost per 1,000 Impressions. CPM networks pay for every 1,000 YouTube ad impressions you get.

YouTube’s CPM is reported to be on average 7.6$, which means you get paid 7.6$ for every 1,000 views.

#2. Build Your Brand

If you have already a business, you can enhance brand awareness through YouTube. Whatever you are offering to your consumers – products or services, you can communicate in a better way. This is one of the most effective and low-cost ways of building a brand.

#3. Create Web Series

Creating web series is a great way to earn money from YouTube. Whether you know to sign, make comedy videos, or anything else, you can share it periodically. And if you can generate a good fan following for your channel, you can earn a lot of money. However, you must create valuable videos for entertaining or fixing a problem of your audience.

#4. Drive Traffic To Website

If you run a blog or website, you can drive traffic from YouTube. Generally, the income from a blog or website depends on the number of traffic you can generate. And when you drive traffic from your channel it enhances both the active and passive incomes. You can use the Creator Playbook. Additionally, make sure you add the site Url in the first line of your video descriptions. So that can funnel your YouTube traffic to your site.

#5. Paid Videos

This is the concept of charging money in exchange for viewing the videos. If you can create a domain authority, you can charge fees for your highly valuable videos. And in this option, you don’t need to share your income. Every money that comes is yours.

#6. Promote Products

If you have your own products or services, you can promote them on YouTube. The channel offers unlimited ways for you to promote your products and make sales. You can create a lot of items like ebooks, apps, art, and music. Create your products, and add them to a shopping cart. Then use YouTube to promote them.

#7. Sell Affiliate Products

Along with other social media platforms, YouTube is one of the best places to promote affiliate products. There are numerous online marketplaces that offer affiliate programs. Sign up with their programs and share the affiliate link with your channel. However, you must have a targetted niche and a number of fan followings of your channel.

#8. Share Tutorials

Tutorial videos are very popular on YouTube. Whatever you know you can share on the channel. Whether you know cooking, crafting, baking, home decorating, or doing makeup you can make videos on that. If you can create subscribers for your videos and start getting considerable views, you can earn money from Adsense.

#9. Story Telling

Storytelling is another proven way of making money from YouTube. Do you know Nilesh Mishra? He is a celebrity storyteller nowadays. If you are passionate about storytelling, you can create a channel for this. However, you must select a niche according to your ability to deliver to your audience.

#10. YouTube Expert

This is a very interesting and self-rewarding option for earning huge money. Most companies hire YouTube experts to have commercial accounts on the behalf of their companies. If you are an expert and know every ins and outs of making videos, you can offer your service to those companies.

Here we share the 10 best ways of earning money with YouTube. However, if you are making money in some other ways, let us know on our social media platform. We’d love to hear from you and will definitely add that option of earning money on YouTube.