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Top 16 Profitable Small Printing Business Ideas

Do you want to start a small printing business with low investment? Find here a list of highly profitable printing business ideas you can consider full-time or part-time.

Globally, printing is an evergreen industry. Both in developing and developed countries, entrepreneurs can a lot of opportunities in this industry.

Basically, the improvements in consumer spending and business sentiment have driven growth in advertising spending in India. Even in this digital era, advertising and packaging segments have shown enough growth in the recent past.

Generally, the majority of commercial printers in the industry are small or midsized businesses that operate one production plant. In fact, the industry is highly fragmented. And the demand depends largely on the advertising and product needs of business customers. However, the profitability of individual companies closely depends on effective sales operations.

List of 16 Small Printing Business Ideas

#1. 3D Printing

Nowadays, 3D printing is one of the most emerging trends and among the most lucrative printing business ideas. Also, it is popular in additive manufacturing. Actually, it is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file.  The worldwide 3D printing industry is expected to grow rapidly. So, starting a 3D printing service business is highly lucrative for entrepreneurs who look for a profitable opportunity in the industry.

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#2. Banner or Flex Printing

Basically, banners and flex fall under the outdoor advertising segment. Basically, companies use banners for different product promotion activities. Additionally, political parties, clubs, and sports teams use banners frequently. The entire hoarding and billboard industry depends on quality flex. Flex printing is one of the most traditional printing business ideas in India.

#3. Blueprint or Ammonia Print Service

Blueprint or ammonia print is an essential item in the construction industry. For any type of building permit, people need a copy of the ammonia print plan. Starting a blueprint or ammonia print service business demands a very small startup capital investment. Additionally, you can start the business as a home-based also.

#4. Business Card Printing

This is another evergreen business that you can consider even today. Still, business cards play an important role in both the startup and established business activity. With a small printing and cutting machine, you can start a business card printing business. The overall success of this business depends on networking skills.

#5. Smartphone Cover Printing

The smartphone population is increasing very fast globally. And this is an ancillary product of smartphones. So, we can expect an increasing demand for customized smartphone covers. Additionally, the business demands a very small startup cost. Only you need to have a sublimation printing machine.

#6. Digital Printing

If you want to start an ROI-wise highly lucrative and profitable business, then you can consider this opportunity. Actually, only digital printing can offer an inexpensive and quality print to customers. The business can be operated from home. And you need to provide the service at the customer’s doorstep.

#7. Greeting Card Printing

Nowadays, digitally printed greeting cards are becoming hugely popular. And with a computer and high-quality digital printer, you can start a greeting card-making business. in addition to that, you must have a creative mind and a passion for the craft. there are several design software you can use for designing beautiful cards. Some of the most popular greeting cards are the New Year, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

#8. Mug Printing

Generally, starting a mug printing business from home is an absolutely fun way of making money. In addition to that, you can operate the business on a part-time basis along with your day job. Even, if you have a photo printing business, then this is an obvious extension of your present business.

#9. Offset Printing

Actually, offset printing is the dominant industrial printing technique. Basically, it is used for printing a wide range of products. The list may include cards, stationery, leaflets, brochures, magazines, and books. Additionally, the packaging industry holds a major share in the offset printing segment. Definitely, the business is cash-intensive and lucrative too. You must have highly skilled manpower for producing quality work.

#10. Pouch Printing

Pouch and sachets are the most important items in the packaging industry. And every single item comes in printed format with the company and product details. If you want to start a niche printing business, then you can consider this opportunity.

#11. Shopping Bag Printing

This is another great B2B opportunity you can consider in the printing business industry. Almost every product-based company has the requirement for personalized shopping bags. Generally, these bags come with the company name, logo, and contact details. The business is highly profitable. However, you must have sufficient cash liquidity for facing the high raw material requirements.

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#12. Sticker Printing

Basically, stickers are advertising materials. Sometimes it is also used as the label of a product. Generally, stickers come on the gumming sheet. This is a B2B business. And you must have wide contacts in the industry. Basically, overall success depends on creativity and quality of work.

#13. Textile Printing

If you want to start a printing business in the textile industry, then you can consider starting a textile printing business. The business demands moderate startup capital investment. Additionally, you must have strategic financial planning. Actually, you will make the profit not in the unit but in the volume.

#14. Tshirt Printing

If you want to start a home-based printing business, then you can consider this opportunity. Actually, with a printing machine and a small eCommerce store, you can manage the business easily. The startup capital investment is very low. Also, you can offer customized printing services as per your client’s choice.

#15. Wallpaper Printing

Actually, wallpaper is a cost-effective alternative to wall painting. Additionally, beautiful wallpaper can change the entire look of a room. Nowadays, people prefer to buy customized wallpaper with their own photos which depict memories. The wallpaper printing business is cash-intensive. And you need updated technology.

#16. Xerox Printing Service

If you want to start a retail printing business, then you can consider starting a Xerox shop. The business demands only a one-time investment. Also, you can start the business with a used Xerox machine that you can buy at a cheaper price. Additionally, you can offer several other services like bookbinding, and lamination from the same setup.