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Best 40 Small Business Ideas in Agra

Nestled on the banks of the Yamuna River in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is not only renowned for the majestic Taj Mahal but also its bustling entrepreneurial landscape. With a rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets, and a steady influx of tourists, Agra offers ample opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow successful ventures. Whether you’re a resident or an outsider looking to invest, here are unique small business ideas tailored to the entrepreneurial spirit of Agra.

40 Business Ideas in Agra

1. Heritage Walking Tours

Capitalizing on Agra’s rich history and architectural wonders, offer guided heritage walking tours to tourists, showcasing iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri, as well as hidden gems and lesser-known historical sites.

2. Start an Online Business from Home

If you are looking to earn money from home in Vadodara, consider starting an online business. Some of the popular home-based online businesses you can start from home are as follows:

  • Start a Blog
  • E-commerce store
  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Do Small Online Tasks

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3. Street Food Stalls

Set up street food stalls in popular areas frequented by tourists and locals alike, serving authentic Agra street food specialities such as petha, chaat, samosas, and kebabs, offering delicious and affordable options for food enthusiasts.

4. Local Handicrafts Emporium

Establish a boutique showcasing Agra’s traditional handicrafts, including marble inlay work, leather goods, embroidery, and brassware, collaborating with local artisans to promote their craftsmanship and heritage.

5. Photography Tours and Workshops

Organize photography tours and workshops for photography enthusiasts, providing opportunities to capture the beauty of Agra’s architecture, landscapes, and cultural heritage under the guidance of experienced photographers.

6. Café and Bakery

Open a cosy café and bakery serving freshly brewed coffee, artisanal pastries, and baked goods, creating a welcoming ambience for locals and tourists to relax and indulge in delicious treats amidst Agra’s bustling streets.

7. Herbal Wellness Center

Launch a wellness center offering traditional Ayurvedic treatments, massages, and wellness therapies using locally sourced herbs and ingredients, providing holistic healing and rejuvenation experiences for visitors seeking relaxation and wellness.

8. Agra-inspired Fashion Boutique

Curate a fashion boutique featuring Agra-inspired clothing, accessories, and textiles, blending contemporary designs with traditional motifs and craftsmanship, catering to fashion-conscious locals and tourists alike.

9. Historical Walking Maps

Develop and sell historical walking maps of Agra’s landmarks and attractions, providing visitors with self-guided tours and insights into the city’s rich history, architecture, and cultural heritage.

10. Tuk-Tuk Tours

Offer tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) tours of Agra’s top attractions, providing an immersive and convenient way for tourists to explore the city’s sights, sounds, and flavours at their own pace.

11. Artisanal Perfume Shop

Open an artisanal perfume shop specializing in locally inspired fragrances using natural ingredients and essential oils, offering personalized scent consultations and custom perfume blending services for customers.

12. Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Establish a yoga and wellness retreat center on the outskirts of Agra, offering yoga classes, meditation sessions, and wellness workshops amidst serene natural surroundings, catering to individuals seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

13. Agra Food Tours

Organize food tours showcasing Agra’s diverse culinary scene, including visits to local markets, street food stalls, and family-owned eateries, providing participants with a gastronomic journey through the flavours of Agra.

14. Rooftop Dining Experience

Transform rooftops into trendy dining venues offering panoramic views of Agra’s skyline and landmarks, serving gourmet cuisine, craft cocktails, and live entertainment for a memorable dining experience under the stars.

15. Agra-themed Online Store

Launch an e-commerce platform featuring Agra-themed products such as artwork, home décor, apparel, and accessories, partnering with local artists and designers to showcase their creations to a global audience.

16. Historical Costume Rentals

Offer historical costume rentals for tourists wishing to dress up in period attire for photoshoots or special occasions, providing an immersive experience that transports them back in time to Agra’s storied past.

17. Agritourism Farmstay

Convert rural properties into agritourism farm stays, offering guests the opportunity to experience farm life, participate in agricultural activities, and enjoy farm-to-table meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

18. Traditional Music and Dance Performances

Organize traditional music and dance performances featuring local artists and performers, showcasing Agra’s cultural heritage through mesmerizing performances of classical music, folk dances, and theatrical productions.

19. Taj Mahal-inspired Jewelry

Design and sell jewellery inspired by the iconic Taj Mahal, incorporating motifs and elements from its architecture and history into elegant and timeless pieces, appealing to tourists and jewellery enthusiasts alike.

20. Agra-themed Escape Rooms

Create Agra-themed escape rooms featuring puzzles, challenges, and clues inspired by the city’s history, legends, and mysteries, offering an immersive and interactive entertainment experience for groups and families.

21. Vintage Bicycle Tours

Offer vintage bicycle tours of Agra’s historical neighbourhoods, providing an eco-friendly and nostalgic way for tourists to explore the city’s hidden gems, architectural marvels, and vibrant street life.

22. Henna Tattoo Artists

Set up henna tattoo stalls offering intricate and traditional henna designs to tourists and locals, providing a temporary yet beautiful souvenir of their visit to Agra’s bustling markets and tourist spots.

23. Agra-themed Cooking Classes

Conduct cooking classes showcasing Agra’s culinary heritage and regional specialities, teaching participants how to prepare authentic dishes such as Mughlai cuisine, Awadhi biryani, and Agra’s famous sweets.

24. Historical Bookstore Café

Create a bookstore café specializing in historical books, maps, and artefacts related to Agra’s heritage and culture, providing a cosy and intellectual space for book lovers to relax, read, and enjoy refreshments.

25. Agra-inspired Art Gallery

Establish an art gallery featuring works by local artists inspired by Agra’s landscapes, architecture, and cultural heritage, providing a platform for emerging talents to showcase their creativity and contribute to Agra’s vibrant arts scene.

26. Taj Mahal Souvenir Shops

Open souvenir shops near the Taj Mahal and other tourist attractions, selling a variety of Taj Mahal-themed souvenirs, including miniature replicas, keychains, postcards, and other memorabilia, catering to the millions of tourists who visit each year.

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in Agra

27. Handcrafted Marble Products Manufacturing

Utilize Agra’s renowned marble craftsmanship to start a manufacturing business producing handcrafted marble products such as tabletops, sculptures, and decorative items. Collaborate with skilled artisans to create high-quality, intricate designs that showcase Agra’s rich artistic heritage and cater to both local and international markets.

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28. Leather Goods Manufacturing

Tap Agra’s thriving leather industry to establish a manufacturing unit producing leather goods such as bags, wallets, belts, and footwear. Source quality leather from local tanneries and employ skilled craftsmen to create stylish and durable products that appeal to fashion-conscious consumers worldwide.

29. Textile Printing and Dyeing Unit

Set up a textile printing and dyeing unit in Agra to produce vibrant fabrics, garments, and home textiles using traditional printing and dyeing techniques. Experiment with motifs inspired by Agra’s architectural motifs and cultural symbols to create unique and visually striking textiles for the fashion and home decor markets.

30. Marble Inlay Flooring Manufacturing

Specialize in manufacturing marble inlay flooring tiles and panels, leveraging Agra’s expertise in intricate marble inlay work. Produce bespoke flooring designs inspired by Agra’s architectural heritage, offering premium-quality marble flooring solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

31. Metal Handicrafts Manufacturing

Establish a metal handicrafts manufacturing unit producing exquisite metalwork items such as brassware, copperware, and silverware. Employ skilled artisans to create intricate designs featuring traditional motifs and techniques, catering to collectors, decorators, and gift buyers worldwide.

32. Wooden Furniture Manufacturing

Start a wooden furniture manufacturing business in Agra, leveraging the region’s abundant supply of quality timber and skilled carpenters. Produce a range of furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and beds, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs to appeal to modern consumers.

33. Pottery and Ceramic Ware Production

Tap into Agra’s rich pottery tradition by establishing a pottery and ceramic ware production facility. Create handmade pottery items such as vases, bowls, and dinnerware, using locally sourced clay and traditional firing techniques to produce unique and artisanal pieces for the home and hospitality markets.

34. Handloom Weaving Unit

Support Agra’s handloom weaving heritage by starting a handloom weaving unit producing traditional textiles such as sarees, dupattas, and scarves. Collaborate with local weavers to create handwoven fabrics using natural fibres and eco-friendly dyes, preserving centuries-old weaving techniques and promoting sustainable fashion.

35. Jewelry Manufacturing

Set up a jewellery manufacturing unit specializing in crafting exquisite jewellery pieces inspired by Agra’s architectural motifs and cultural heritage. Create intricate designs incorporating precious metals, gemstones, and enamel work, catering to discerning customers seeking unique and luxurious jewellery items.

36. Incense Stick Manufacturing

Diversify into the incense stick manufacturing business, producing fragrant incense sticks using locally sourced herbs, resins, and essential oils. Develop a range of aromatic blends inspired by Agra’s flora and traditional fragrances, offering high-quality incense products for spiritual, therapeutic, and aromatic purposes.

37. Paper Product Manufacturing

Establish a paper product manufacturing unit producing eco-friendly paper products such as notebooks, stationery, and packaging materials. Utilize recycled paper and sustainable practices to create stylish and environmentally conscious paper products for schools, offices, and retailers.

38. Terracotta Pottery Production

Explore terracotta pottery production, utilizing Agra’s abundant clay resources to create handmade pottery items such as planters, vases, and decorative objects. Experiment with traditional and contemporary designs, catering to the growing demand for artisanal pottery in the home and garden décor markets.

39. Spice Processing and Packaging

Venture into spice processing and packaging, sourcing aromatic spices from Agra’s surrounding regions and processing them into high-quality spice blends and seasonings. Package the spices in attractive and convenient formats for retail sale, catering to home cooks, chefs, and gourmet enthusiasts.

40. Bamboo Craft Production

Explore bamboo craft production, utilizing sustainable bamboo resources to create a range of bamboo products such as furniture, home accessories, and handicrafts. Collaborate with local artisans to develop contemporary designs that showcase Agra’s traditional craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials.