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Best 122 Small Business Ideas in India for 2024

Are you looking for the most profitable small business in India with very low investment? This article explores small business ideas in India that don’t demand much stock of inventory, machinery, or retail places.

It is without saying, running a small business is a good option for any individual either as a part-time or full-time income alternative. However, making any business successful demands strategic planning, dedication, and a professional approach toward the consumers.

122 Small Business Ideas in India


Blogging is the most profitable and self-rewarding business. Additionally, you can start a blog with a nominal investment. You can create a small website and start blogging.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic concept for online selling. There are several marketplaces that offer affiliates. Sign up with your personal information. And start promoting the product links. When a customer buys a product from that particular link, you earn a commission.

#3. Start a Small Manufacturing Business

There is a big domestic consumer market for a wide range of products in India. One can start a small manufacturing business by investing low to medium investment. If you find a local demand for a specific product, consider starting a small manufacturing business.

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#4. Do Small Online Tasks

If you are looking to make side money working from home, you will find many online platforms offering paid jobs. However, finding legitimate online job sites is a difficult task for a beginner. You can check our article on top online jobs and start earning and not get cheated.

#5. Open a Retail Store

Starting a retail store is a profitable business in India. If you have a retail space in a location with good footfall, consider opening a retail store. There are also plenty of retail store business opportunities you can choose from.

#6. Real Estate Agency

The Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 1 trillion in market size by 2030. It is projected to contribute 13% to the country’s GDP. Every city in India is growing and the demand for affordable real estate properties is also increasing. If you have the ability to network with people, you are surely going to make good money in this profession.

#7. Gym & Fitness Center

Awareness of staying healthy and fit is on the rise among average citizens in India.  More people are flocking to fitness centers and the trend is surely going to grow.

#8. Dairy Parlor

If you have a residential retail place in a city or a small town, opening a dairy parlor in India can provide you with a good profit.

#9. Grocery Store

The grocery store is an evergreen inflation-free business in India. If you have a good retail space you can start a grocery store with moderate investment.

#10. Kids & Children Clothing Store

Time has changed. Kids even are fashion-conscious these days. Starting a retail store selling kids and children’s clothing stores is a good option to make good money.

#11. Bike Studio

The sale of fashion and utility bikes is on the rise in India. If you are a bike enthusiast, you can consider opening a bike studio in your locality.

#12. Quick Service Restaurants

Quick-service restaurants are already doing good business in almost all cities and towns in India. There is plenty of scope in this business. However, finding the right location for this business is the most critical factor. If you have a good retail place, you can start this business without much doubt.

#13. Tea & Coffee Shop

Most people in urban cities like to have a comfortable place to hang out with friends or have business meetings. Customers are more than willing to pay more if the facilities are provided. Tea & coffee cafe pubs are increasingly getting popular in most cities and towns in India.

#14. English/Foreign Language Coaching

With the increase in foreign companies establishing businesses, people from all around the world is also visiting and staying in India. The requirement of local people to know a foreign language is on the rise. Therefore, starting a foreign language coaching center is a good business decision.

#15. Nursing Home

Considering the population of the country, the number of health and nursing homes is way too low. If you are into medically related activity or have some idea how it works, think seriously about starting a nursing home in India.

#16. Women’s Clothing Store

There are plenty of niche sectors in this women’s clothing business vertical. However, before opening this business finding commercial retail with high footfall is most desirable.

#17. Security Services

Security is a big issue for Indians nowadays. More and more institutions and individuals are preferring private security personnel for their own security. As a result, the demand for security services is on the rise. If you have the necessary contacts and some ideas regarding security service needs, surely you are going to make good money.

#18. Tattoo, Piercing & Nail Art Store

Tattoos are such a beautiful form of art, both expressive and unique. Young Indians nowadays are passionate about this kind of art and don’t mind paying to get this form of art instilled in their bodies. If you have the necessary experience and passion, this business surely will be profitable and rewarding too.

#19. Financial Advisor

Who on this earth does not want to have their finance grow and managed well? There is always a demand for reliable and dependable finance advisors. If you have the necessary expertise and an honest willingness to serve people,  there is no reason to be unsuccessful in this business.

#20. Anchoring

If you have a good voice, you can consider anchoring. In every function, people look for a professional anchor. However, Corporates pay better fees to the anchors.

#21. App Making

Mobile applications are hot on the internet nowadays. If you can create at least one app that addresses a specific problem of a niche or mass, you can earn a lot of money. Additionally, you can work for other companies too.

#22. Jewelry Store

The demand for designer jewelry items is on the rise in India. If you want to be successful in this business, you must have a passion for finding the latest trends that are new in the market.

#23. Eyewear Store

Eyewear is now a part of the fashion accessory for affordable people. People are willing to pay more for fashionable eyewear items nowadays. If you want to have a retail business with a good profit margin, consider starting this business in India.

#24. Ice cream & Yogurt Parlor

The ice cream business in India can be extremely lucrative if planned properly. One can earn more than Rs. 50000 per month easily if the location is around a residential complex.

#25. Men’s Wear Retail Shop

Though the market is competitive, the size of the market for menswear in India is huge. There is always a scope for making a good profit in this business if you have experience and a proper business plan.

#26. Aquarium Maintenance

The aquarium is a very pleasant home decoration item. However, the day-to-day maintenance is really troublesome. You can offer this service on a regular basis to the people who look for this type of service. Additionally, you can sell several aquarium-related items to your customers.

#27. Car Detailing

A car detailing business is a good way to make extra big money with low or no investment. However, creative marketing is the key to achieving success in this business.

#28. Courier Services

You can start this business in India with almost no investment. You can start this from home or garage space. Prior experience in the trade is preferred.

#29. Medical Store

Launching a medical store in India is perfect for those who are a chemist or has experience in pharma-relayed activities. One can start a medical store business with extra value-added services like a doctor’s chamber, and medical test facilities.

#30. Mobile Shop

If you have a retail space in a location where there is good footfall, selling mobiles is one of the most profitable small business ideas in India.

#31. Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Laundry with a dry cleaning service is an evergreen and recession-proof business in India. From any location across the globe, you can start this business.

#32. Stationery Store

Though it looks simple but to start a stationery business you have to plan deeply. Items like Papers and pens, gift wraps and ribbons, cards, and notes of different categories need to be stocked.

#33. Computer & Peripherals Retail Store

The sale of computers is growing fast. Although the market in India is immensely competitive, the market size is also huge. If you have a good retail location with reasonable money to invest, think of starting this business.

#34. 3D Modelling & Animation

If you have knowledge about animation and 3D modeling, you can offer your service from home. In starting, you only need to have a computer with an internet connection.

#35. Provide Accounting Services

If you have an educational background in the commerce stream, you can start a freelance bookkeeping business. Nowadays, many businesses look for freelance accountants instead of keeping employees.

#36. Medical Diagnostics Center

If you have considerable money to invest, opening a medical diagnostic center in India will bring you a substantial profit margin.

#37. Cactus Arrangements

Cactus plants are popular for their wild beauty. And instead of other plants, people prefer cactus arrangements for their low-maintenance nature. If you have the skill and a creative mind, you can offer this service from home.

#38.Cake & Cookies Making

If you love cooking and are passionate about exploring new recipes, you can start this business. Generally, health-conscious people buy homemade cakes and cookies for their children. Pay attention to packaging and timely delivery.

#39. Career Counselling

Career counselors generally help individuals by guiding them to the right career paths. This business of helping students and professionals to successful careers is not only lucrative but also rewarding.

#40. Open a Pathological Lab

There is a big demand for pathological labs in almost cities and small towns in India. Any individual having an MD pathology diploma or a similar qualification provided by the medical council of India can start a pathology lab in this industry can initiate a pathology lab business in India.

#41. Catering

A home-based catering service is a very good option for both full-time and part-time income. You can use your own kitchen to make food. However, you may need to have some effective kitchen equipment.

#42. Chocolate & Fruit Bar Making

Homemade chocolates and fruit bars, both are very healthy food for any age group of people. Even if you don’t know the process, you can learn by attaining different classes. Pay attention to creative packaging.

#43. Choreography

If you are a passionate dancer, you can start this business just from your home. You can share your experience and skill with the students in exchange for fees.

#44. Cleaning Business

There are various types of cleaning businesses you can start from home. However, some of them demand upfront startup capital investment.

#45. Yoga Training

Yoga is one of the most powerful ways to health and wellness. If you are a passionate yoga-practicing individual, you can share your skill and experience with your clients.

#46. Computer Maintenance & Repairing

Computers and laptops are essential things nowadays. However, after the warranty period, people always prefer to get a service from a skilled local person. If you have knowledge about hardware, you can offer this service from home.

#47. . Consulting

Consulting is an evergreen business worldwide. And it offers diversified opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs. However, you must have adequate knowledge of the specific subject.

#48. Content Writing

If you are a passionate writer and have knowledge in a specific field, you can consider starting this business. You can offer the service to any media and advertising company. Otherwise, there are a lot of sites that offer fees to the writers.

#49. Copy Editing

The copy editor job is a little different compared to the job of a writer. The job of a copy editor is primarily to proofread content from other writers and ensure the content is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

#50. Corporate Event Planning

If you have the skill, you can start this business. Additionally, the business doesn’t demand any upfront capital investment. However, you must have good networking skills.

#51. Crafts Making

If you have a creative and crafty mind, you can start this business from home. Nowadays, there are a lot of online options for selling crafts.

#52. Kid Entertainment Zones

The popularity of entertainment zones specifically for kids is increasing in India for the last few years. It is essential to have to select a good location to be successful in this business.

#53. Crafts Selling

Even you can make handsome money by only selling crafts. In that case, you need to know the market demand. Additionally, you must procure quality items from the crafts makers.

#54. Creche

A creche is the only option for the working couple to keep their baby safe. If you love kids, you can start this business from home. This is one of the best options for housewives and moms.

#55. Crochet Knitting

Do you enjoy creating designer clothes with crochets? If yes, you can start a business from home. Additionally, there are several crochet knitting machines on the market. You can sell items locally or online.

#56. Cross Stitch Knitting

Cross stitch is a traditional pattern of stitching. And handmade cross-stitch items are hugely popular throughout the world. You can start this business at home and sell them locally or from online marketplaces.

#57. Customized Mobile Cover Making

With a small sublimation machine, you can start this business. There is a huge demand for customized mobile covers. And the demand increase especially during the festive seasons.

#58. Customized Photo Framing

Customized photo frames are very lucrative gift items. And if you know the art of creating beautiful frames, you can start this business from home.

#59. Car Wash Business

Most car owners look for genuine and affordable car wash services in their immediate locality. If you have space, starting this business is a good proposition.

#60. Beauty  Salon

Beauty salons or beauty parlors provide products and services that enhance the client’s physical appearance and mental relaxation. This is one of the most trending beauty business ideas in India in the retail segment.

#61. Florist

Nowadays people have the need for flowers for most occasions. Be it a reception party or a religious cause, flowers are a must for people. Additionally, this business needs not much investment to start.

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#62. Gift Shop

People generally look to buy fashionable items from gift shops. If you have a passion for collecting items that are unique in nature, you can think of starting this business in India.

#63. Recruitment Agency

Nowadays a recruitment agency provides a wide range of manpower providing services in India. is very broad in nature. You can hire services like permanent Staffing, temporary staffing, and RPO from your recruitment firm.

#64. Physiotherapy Center

There is a shortage of quality physiotherapy centers in India. If you have the expertise or interest in this profession, you can start with a very low investment and make good money.

#65. Designer Bindi Making

Bindi is a traditional beauty product in the Asia Pacific countries, especially in India and Bangladesh. And designer bindi has huge demand nowadays. it comes in different colors, beads, and stones. Start this business from home and sell locally.

#66. Designer Cushion Cover Making

Designer cushion covers are home furnishing items. And the product has good demand worldwide. Additionally, there are different types of cushions that are very popular.

#67. IT Education Center

There is a growing need for IT education in India. Starting an IT education center is profitable and rewarding too.

#68. Vocational Training Center

The annual demand for vocational institutes in India at present is 10 million students. Whereas the existing training institutes can accommodate only 3 million students. To address this shortfall, you can think of starting a vocational institute.

#69. Cartridge Refill Store

The sale of printers is poised for more growth. As the cost of the original cartridge is high, a lot of customers look for a cheaper option. The cartridge refilling center meets the purpose. If you have a small retail space and have the expertise needed, think of opening this business.

#70. Dietician

A dietician treats an individual’s nutritional problems and advises him or her on a proper diet. However, In most countries, competent performance as a dietitian requires formal training at a higher educational institution.

#71. Direct Selling

Direct selling is a very lucrative and self-rewarding business for any individual. There are a lot of companies that offer their products for direct selling. Some of the renowned companies are Amway, Avon, etc.

#72. DJ

If you love music and love to entertain others through music, this business is just for you. The demand for a professional DJ is increasing. And the demand increases highly during the festival seasons.

#73. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is all about buying and selling domains for profit. The domain flippers resell the domains to new buyers who are looking to buy those registered domains.

#74. Drawing Classes

If you are an artist and can draw beautiful paintings, you can share your expertise with the students. Most artists earn handsome money by sharing their knowledge from home.

#75. Dry Sweets & Namkeen Making

Dry sweets and Namkeens are delicious foods. And people always prefer homemade food instead of commercially packed. If you enjoy cooking, you can start this business just right from your home.

#76. Earn From Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

If you enjoy writing only and want to earn along with it, you must consider writing in Top Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites. Google AdSense is no doubt the biggest platform for earning online income.

#77. Ethnic Lifestyle Store

With a  fair amount of ideas about the current trend of lifestyle fashions, any individual can initiate this business. You will need to have a strong and reliable supply source for the items.

#78. Earn From Youtube

You can earn a lot of money from Youtube. If you can put an interesting video that goes viral, you can earn advertising revenue.

#79. Ebook Writing

If you enjoy writing you can consider this business. However, you must have adequate knowledge of a specific subject.

#80. Embroidery Stitching

Embroidery plays an important role in the designer garment industry. You can work for different garment companies. Otherwise, you can make and sell garments of your own.

#81. Fashion Design

This is the perfect business opportunity for a professional fashion designer. There is a huge demand for skilled and experienced fashion designers in the industry.

#82. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a very self-rewarding business. People need this service for personal and commercial requirements both. Generally, you must have special training to start this business.

#83. Freelancing

Freelancing is a lucrative opportunity for any individual. Freelancers are hired by lots of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to grow their business by outsourcing various tasks.

#84. Gift Basket Making

Gift baskets are a very lucrative corporate gift. You can start a gift basket-making business from home. However, the business demands good networking skills and a creative mind.

#85. Graphics Design

Only with a computer with an internet connection, you can start this business from home. However, you must have adequate skills in design. Additionally, you may need to have some design software.

#86. Green Tea Selling

Green tea is a great healthy alternative to any drink. Additionally, the awareness of the benefits of drinking green tea is increasing rapidly globally. You can procure green tea and sell it. Otherwise, you can sell through the affiliate.

#87. Home Appliances Renting

The home appliance renting business is all about providing different home appliances including furniture and electronic equipment to the clients in exchange for monthly specific rent.

#88. Alteration Service

If you have a sewing machine of your own, you can start this business. Additionally, you can offer the service only for ladies or gents or for both including kids.

#89. Plant Nursery

A home-based plant nursery is the best business, you can start from your backyard. The business is just perfect for those who have a hobby of gardening.

#90. Image Consulting

Image consulting or style consulting is a very lucrative profession for any individual. And you can learn image consulting from the training institutes.

#91. Interior Designing

Broadly interior design has several niche verticles. However, you must have adequate knowledge, skill, and expertise to start this business.

#92. Drinking-Water Distribution

If you are located in an urban area in India and there is a shortage of pure drinking water, think seriously about starting a drinking water distribution business. It requires very low investment and the profit potential is high.

#93. Jewelry Making

Home-based jewelry making is an easy business to start. The demand for artificial jewelry or jewelry with semi-precious stones is increasing very fast. Additionally, there are several online options where you can sell that jewelry.

#94. Makeup Artist

In this business, anyone who wants to look good may become your customer. However, broadly there are two different types of customers. One is basically domestic-like brides. And another is professional actors, actresses, dancers, etc.

#95. Martial Art Training

If you are a martial art professional, this business is just perfect for you. Additionally, you can tie up with different other games and sports institutes.

#96. Mobile Manicure Pedicure Service

Pedicure and manicure service on a mobile basis is a very easy business to start. You don’t need to have any infrastructure because you will render the service at your current doorstep.

#97. Nutritionist

If you have the right educational background in nutrition, you can offer your service from your home. However, in many countries, you will need to obtain a special license before.

#98. Office Meal Delivery

Generally, every office-going individual looks for a healthy meal in the daytime. However, it is tough to get for them. And if you can offer healthy homemade food for them, you will definitely get huge customers. You can start this business just from your home.

#99. Online Teaching

There are several online teaching sites that offer a platform for both students and teachers. You just only need to sign up and create a profile according to your subject. You can earn handsome money from there.

#100. Party Planning

This is another self-rewarding business, you can start from home. And you can offer your service to both domestic and corporate clients. However, this business demands networking skills, dedication, and hard work.

#101. Personal Training

The demand for personal trainers is increasing very fast especially in metro cities and even in small towns in India. However, this business has several niche verticles. The list includes aerobics, corporate fitness, weight loss training, etc.

#102. Pet Sitting

If you are a pet-loving individual, you can start this business at home in India. There are several pet owners who look for this type of service.

#103. Photography

If photography is your hobby, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business in India. Photography caters to a wide area of niche verticles. These are travel photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography, etc.

#104. Preschool

Preschool is one of the most profitable business ideas in India. If you have a space of your own or can rent one in a residential location where a good number of families with small children stay, starting a preschool is a good option.

#105. Radio Jockey

This is another great business for good-spoken fun-loving individuals. If you have some anchoring experience then it is easier to start this business.

#106. Resume Writing

Any individual can start a home-based resume writing or CV writing business on a part-time basis. As the business is purely knowledge-based, the startup capital requirement is very less.

#107. Sales Training

Commercial companies pay handsome fees to sales trainers. And the companies need to arrange sales training frequently also. If you have the right skill and knowledge, you can start this business from home.

#108. Sell Stock Photography

If you have a creative eye and a good camera, selling stock photography makes an ideal online part-time job for anyone. Web designers, publishers, and advertisers are always looking for quality photos, and often pay an incredible amount of money to get the perfect images for their projects.

#109. Candle Making

Candle-making business is a good money-making idea for housewives and moms who are looking to earn some extra money out of creative passion.

#110. Scrapbook Making

If you have a creative and crafty mind, you can start this business from home. People always pay handsome money for a memorable scrapbook that can’t craft their own.

#111. SEO Consulting

In this present era of the internet, SEO is one of the most important aspects of almost every business. If you know the subject, you can offer your services from home.

#112. Smartphone Repairing

The population of smartphones is increasing very fast, especially in India. And within a short duration of time, you can have training also. Start the business locally from your home.

#113. Soap Making

There is always a good demand for homemade herbal or organic soaps. The soap-making process is also very easy. And you can make soaps just in your kitchen.

#114. Social Media Consulting

Social media consulting is another great home business without investment. You can just do the work with a computer and an internet connection.

#115. Stock Broking

Stockbroking is a good option for earning money from home. You don’t need to invest your money. If you have adequate knowledge about the share market, you can start the business from home.

#116. Tour Guide

The tour guide is a wonderful opportunity for self-employment. If you are living in a place that attracts a huge number of tourists every year, you can start this business. However, check the licensing issues before commencing the business.

#117. Travel Agency

A travel agency is a low-cost business to start in India. If you love traveling and travel-related activities, think seriously about entering this business

#118. Tutoring

Tutoring is an evergreen home business. There are a lot of people who earn handsome money from tutoring. According to the subject you know, you can have plenty of students for tutoring.

#119. Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is increasing globally. Generally, a virtual assistant does all the hard work virtually for his or her clients. The list includes email checking, phone answering, scheduling, etc.

#120. Web Designing

If you know about web development, you can start this business. You can offer your service in two ways. You can work with your local clients. Additionally, you can offer the service from freelancing platforms.

#121. Woodworking

Woodworking is a traditional profession. And definitely, very much skill is required. Woodworking caters to a wide range of items. Generally, these are furniture, home decor, utility items, etc.

#122. Organic Products Store

More and more people in India are looking for organic products to buy. Demand for organic products is growing especially in urban cities.

We hope this list of the most profitable small business ideas in India will help you in making an informed decision in your money-making journey. Do share your experience on our social media platform.