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Best 12 Summer Business Ideas in India for 2024

Summertime is known for its mild temperatures, bright sunshine, and abundance of outdoor activities. Hence, starting a seasonal business at this time of the year may fetch you good profit returns. Here in this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top summer business ideas in India for you that can be started with low capital investment.

List of 12 Business Ideas in India for the Summer Season

#1. Coconut Based Business

Coconut production plays an important role in the economy of countries with vast coastlines. If you live in an area where there is a natural production of coconuts, consider starting a coconut-related business.

#2. Fruit Juice Production

Summer is the best time for fruit juices. Thus, summer is considered a perfect time to launch your fruit juice company. Additionally, you can start the fruit juice production business on a small-scale basis. However, you must select the product according to the availability of raw materials. Read More…

#3. Ice Cream Making

Any individual can start an ice cream-making business on a small scale with low startup capital investment. Ice cream making is a wonderful small business idea that any individual can explore to make handsome money out of it. Ice cream is a frozen blend of a sweetened cream mixture and air, with added flavorings.

Additionally, you can use a wide variety of ingredients in ice cream. However, you must maintain the minimum amounts of milk fat, milk solids (protein + lactose + minerals), and air in ice cream making. Read More…

#4. Ice Cream Shop

Ice cream store business with allied products is a profitable retail venture. One of the best food-based retail businesses launching in the summer season. Selecting the right location with the right product is the most crucial aspect of the overall success of this business.

#5. Lemonade Production

Lemonade is actually a lemon-flavored very popular soft drink. The principal raw materials required are sugar, citric acid, flavor & essence, food color, and sodium benzoate. Lemonade-making is a capital and management-intensive business.

#6. Microbrewery

The business of microbreweries is getting popular more and more. If you have reasonable money to invest, consider starting a microbrewery. Read More…

#7. Packaged Drinking Water Production

Increasing awareness of health and the scarcity of getting pure drinking water have made an immense market demand for packaged drinking water. Nowadays people prefer to have packaged drinking water not only outside but also in the house. In initiating packaged drinking water business, it is important to check the PH balance of the water where you want to establish the unit.

#8. Rain Coat Manufacturing

A wide variety of fabrics suitable for rain gear is currently on the market. The production process is simple. Generally includes designing, cutting, and sewing. Also, you can initiate the manufacturing unit on a home-based basis.

#9. Sand Making

Sand is an essential component in the construction industry. River sand is the natural source of the sand. Natural or River sand is weathered and worn-out particles of rocks. The artificial sand produced by proper machines can be a better substitute for river sand. The sand must be of proper gradation. When fine particles are in proper proportion, the sand will have fewer voids. The cement quantity required will be less. Additionally, these sands are more economical.

#10. Sugarcane Juice Business

Actually, the summer season is the best time for starting a sugarcane juice business. People in the daytime frequently look for healthy and soothing drink options. And sugarcane is the perfect choice for this. With a very small startup investment, you can start this business.

#11. Tomato Processing

The tomato is a warm-weather vegetable, it is very tender to frost and light freezes. The most popular products are tomato sauce, puree, juice, ketchup, etc. In initiating tomato processing, you can also produce tomato pulp for other small-scale industries. Additionally, the production process is not complex. And you can start the business with simple machinery and equipment. Read More…

#12. Umbrella Assembling

Umbrellas are generally used in the rainy and summer seasons. You can start a home-based umbrella assembling business with a small capital investment. This is a profitable venture to operate part-time. You can procure the structure and clothes from the manufacturer. And it demands simple tools and equipment to assemble an umbrella.

These listed business ideas are definitely perfect for the summer season. However, you can start these businesses at any time of the year. If you have any idea about the perfect business for the summer season, you can write on our social media platform.