How To Start Small Scale Tracksuit Manufacturing Business

The tracksuit is an outfit that comes with a jacket and a trouser. It is a popular sportswear as well as casual wear. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start tracksuit manufacturing business.

The tracksuit is a popular item among the every age group of people. Additionally, men, women, and kids all use this item as sportswear or as a casual wear. The dress is hugely comfortable and functional. The item comes in different colors, sizes, patterns, and designs. Additionally, there are different tracksuits for men and women. However, the price of the tracksuits hugely depends on the fabric.

Any individual can start tracksuit manufacturing business with limited infrastructure and capital investment. However, he or she must have knowledge about the fashion and current trends of the industry.

Tracksuit Market Potential


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Sportswear industry in India is increasing rapidly. So the demand for the sportswear is also growing. Additionally, the increase of lifestyle diseases like obesity is making people falling under a regular fitness routine. These are the major reasons of the increasing demand for the tracksuits.

Additionally, apart from athletic or fitness activity, this item has evolved over the years to encompass a whole range of fashion. Both men and women buy this item as a stylish and trendy casual or informal wear for daily use. Therefore, starting a tracksuit manufacturing business is highly lucrative and profitable for the entrepreneurs.

Tracksuit Manufacturing Business Compliance

In starting a small-scale manufacturing business you will need to obtain different registrations and licenses from the Govt. authority. It is advisable to check your state law. However, here we put a list for the ready reference.

  • First of all, determine the form of your organization and register it. However, sole proprietorship organization doesn’t demand any ROC registration
  • Apply for a Trade License. It is mandatory.
  • Check if the item demands VAT or not. Additionally, check whether there are any other tax liabilities for this item in your state.
  • Apply for BIS certification. You must maintain the quality of standard of IS 4375:1975
  • Register your brand name with Trademark
  • Open a Current Bank Account for the business transactions.

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Tracksuit Manufacturing Unit Setup & Machinery

A 500 Sq Mt area is perfect for starting a small scale tracksuit manufacturing business. However, space must have the arrangements of utilities like water and electricity. You will need to have water for washing purpose and electricity for machine operation.

Some of the important tools and machines are

  • Fabric inspection machine
  • Motorized fabric cutting machine
  • Overlock stitching machine with motor
  • Flat lock stitching machine with motor
  • Sewing machine with motor
  • Rib cutting machine with motor
  • Garment washing machine
  • Hydroextractor
  • Drying tumbler
  • Washroom trolleys
  • Electric clothing steamer

Tracksuit Manufacturing Process

First of all, you will need to procure the knitted fabric from the reliable suppliers. Do inspect the fabric through fabric inspection machine. Try to find out if there are any faults in the fabric. If you find any fault, remove the fabric immediately.

The next step is cutting. You will need to cut the fabric into the desired size of different pieces.

Then stitch the cut pieces to give the final shape of tracksuits. Finally, You will need to wash the suits with the garment washing machine and detergent powders.

After downloading the garments from the washing machine, they are put into a hydro-extracting machine to remove excess water. Furthermore, dry the suits in the dryer tumbler to a required extent.

Finally, you will need to check thoroughly the suits to find out any manufacturing defects and abnormal measurement.

After the inspection, you must remove the wrinkle marks through the clothing steamer. Finally, fold the tracksuit and pack them in the polyethylene bags.

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Raw Materials For Tracksuit Manufacturing

The major required raw materials are fabrics. Additionally, you must procure different types of fabrics like cotton, polyester or mixed fabrics. However, selection of the right fabric is very important in this business. Moreover, fabric determines the overall quality and price of the tracksuit.

Apart from the different fabrics, you will need to procure sewing threads, zip, button, elastic tape etc. Additionally, you have to procure packaging consumables also.

The tracksuit manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, the business is comparatively easy to start. However, you must concentrate in building brands for the long term success of your tracksuit business.