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Best 10 Transport Business Ideas for 2024

Do you want to start a transport-related business? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here in this article, we list down the best profitable transport business ideas that require not much money.

Is Transport Business Profitable?

In India, road freight constitutes around 63% of the total freight movement. It consists of 2.2 million heavy-duty trucks and 0.6 million light-duty trucks covering more than 18,00,000 km of road length carrying more than 3000MMT (million metric Ton) of load annually.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia and in the entire world. Especially in the transport and logistics industry sector, India shows superior growth rates creating enhanced potential for foreign players. The annual cost spent on Logistics services is estimated at 14% of the GDP as a share of the total value of goods.

Therefore, the Indian logistic industry creates numerous small-scale and large-scale business opportunities for new entrepreneurs. However, we must say, starting a transport business is a cash-intensive venture. In addition, it demands, strategic operational planning, manpower investment, and promotion.

10 Transport Business Ideas in India

1. Car Rental Business

The demand for car rental services in cities and towns is increasing day by day. You can start a car rental business broadly in two ways. The first one is starting on your own from scratch and the second one is by having a tie-up with a local car rental agency.

If you have the time and required knowledge, running a self-owned car rental business will give you better returns. There is a good scope for making good money by renting out a fleet of cars.

However, if someone is looking for a second source of income, tying up with car aggregators like Ola and Uber can be a good option.

2. Start a Trucking Business

All manufacturing businesses require trucks for the transportation of finished products to wholesalers or distributors. In India, trucks are the major mode of transport of materials from state to state or district to district. It is, therefore, an evergreen profitable logistics business in the country.

However, starting a trucking business requires considerable investment. You may need to arrange funds to start and run this lucrative transport business.

3. Automobile Repairing Shop

If you have the knowledge and experience of repairing different kinds of vehicles, opening an automobile repair shop is a good transport business idea. However, location will play a critical role in the overall success of this type of transport business. People not having experience in the trade can attain a certificate or diploma course in automobile repairing from a technical training institute and can start this business.

4. Driving School

There has been a high increase in the sales of cars in the country for the last few years. As a result, the demand for car-driving schools has also increased. If you have a passion for teaching and knowledge about the car driver certification process, opening a car driving school can fetch you high-profit returns.

It must be mentioned that setting up a driving school requires a good amount of investment. You need to hire some cars and driving instructors to run a driving academy. In addition, you must secure sufficient parking space for the cars.

5. Open a Petrol Pump

The petrol pump is a traditionally lucrative business in India. However, the investment needed to start a petrol pump business is on the higher side. You need to have a minimum investment capacity of Rs. 50 lacs for opening a petrol pump in city areas. For rural areas, the investment will be lower in the range of Rs 25 lacs. Additionally, the location is an important criterion set by oil companies for granting petrol pump dealerships.

6. Start an EV Charging Station

There has been a growth in electric vehicles in the country. More and more automobile companies are manufacturing electric vehicles. The government is also encouraging the manufacturers by building proper infrastructure for them.

This has resulted in opening up a new industry of EV charging stations in the transport sector in India. If you are looking for a futuristic transport business, consider opening an EV charging center in your locality.

7. Charter Bus Service

There are many companies that hire buses for pick up and boarding services for their employees. Instead of owning buses, these corporates prefer outsourcing bus services. If you have the money to buy a bus and have a network of organizations looking for such services, starting a charter bus service can be a profitable venture.

8. Scooter Rental

More and more people in cities and towns are preferring hiring scooters for their transportation needs. It is seen more for people working in companies as the charges for cab hiring have increased significantly. Also, the demand for scooter rentals is big in tourist destinations.

To make good money in the scooter rental business, you must have a fleet of scooters (at least more than 5) to make substantial money.

9. Car Wash Business

If you are with a low budget and searching for a transport-related business, a car wash service can be a good option. In India, the sales of passenger and commercial cars have increased in huge numbers in the last 10 to 15 years. And, so is the demand for car washing services. Most car owners look for professional car cleaning services for their cars. Hence, the market is growing day by day.

Furthermore, if you have additional money to invest, consider adding car detailing services like paint claying, polishing, dent removal, sealing, waxing, etc.

10. Ambulance Services

It is observed that there is a huge shortage of vehicles in times of medical emergency. In addition, many hospitals and nursing homes look for privately-owned ambulances for their medical transportation needs.

One can hire a vehicle and equip it with necessary life-saving medical equipment, wheelchairs, stretchers, etc. Also, check with the local competent authority for the licenses and permits needed to run ambulance services in the locality where the services will be offered.