How to Start a Profitable Brewpub Business in India

Brewpub business opportunity demands adequate knowledge and years of experience about microbreweries. Brewpub business is actually a restaurant and microbrewery combination that normally offers craft beer with different customized tastes and flavors to their clients on-premise.  Studies have shown that drinking beer in different customized taste is a trend of today’s phenomena. It is becoming more popular in India also.

In brewpub business, you can offer your client a wide selection of beer including your own beer that brews on your premises. Licensing brewpub business is also easier than getting a full-scale liquor license. The market for microbreweries is still developing in India. Having a strong marketing strategy an entrepreneur can start a brewpub project with substantial capital investment.

Research and Business Plan of Brewpub Business

Before initiating brewpub business do some research about it. Study the market and about your would-be competitor. Study about the culture of taking beer of the people where you want to establish the business. These all will help you to craft a business feasibility report.

Create a business plan. Determine your business objective and mission statement. Calculate set up cost with equipment and human resources needed. Fix your marketing strategy considering the niche audience you want to reach. A business plan will not only help you to get finance also help you to check yourself whether your business is in the right track or not.

Legal Formalities of Brewpub Business

To start the commercial operation of the microbrewery business, you need to obtain a license from the state government excise department. Its terms conditions and fees vary from state to state.

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Also, you need to have trade license, commercial electricity connection, commercial water line, land registration or lease agreement, NOC from state pollution control board, water quality testing certificate, and lastly quality control certificate of finished beer from Govt. approved QC labs. It is always advisable to consult with a small business advisor to get the right advice about obtaining these licenses.

Setup and Equipment for Brewpub Business

In starting a brewpub venture, it is ideal to select a location on high traffic road on rent. Selecting the place you need to consider the place for bar accommodation, delivery platform, kitchen space, and breweries space. Ask an interior professional to create a comfortable and attractive bar zone. Concentrate on flooring, ceiling, furnishing, music and on everything that can create a cozy area for your clients. It is recommended to take technical consultants who can take charge of sourcing the right equipment and designing the brewery layout for space you’ve got and beers you want to produce. Consider to have outdoor signage and, if possible, offer valet parking for visitors.

According to the raw material that you want to use to produce beer, several different types of machinery are available in the market. On selecting the machinery consider the fact that how much quantity you want to get as output.

Promotion of Brewpub Business

Offer standard quality food and drinks to the customer. It will induce them to share their experience with others. It will also build a strong reputation in your brewpub business. Do some outdoor advertising activity. You can also promote your brewpub by direct mailing and some add publishing on the local newspaper.

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Create a catch line of your brewpub business. Create an online presence of your brewpub business. Social media can be an ideal platform to promote your business. Always upload posts with attractive photos. Daily basis post your ‘today’s special’ menu on social media.  Ask your potential clients to share their experience on social media.