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How to Start a Small Scale Biscuit Manufacturing Business

This article will provide you with a detailed biscuit-making manufacturing sample project profile with cost, machinery, production process, and raw materials. Also, it contains a financial analysis with the business license and permissions you need to start a small-scale unit. If you love baking and have a keen interest in the food processing sector, then […]

How to Start Activated Carbon From Coconut Shell Business

Activated Carbon from the coconut shell project can be initiated according to the availability of raw materials. It is available in nature in various forms like pellets, granules, and powder forms. Activated carbon in any form of carbon shows high absorption capacity for gases, vapors, and colloidal solids in either the gas ion or liquid […]

How To Start E-Waste Recycling Business in India

Do you want to start an e-waste recycling business? If so, learn from this article, the important steps to follow to launch an e-waste recycling plant in India. Information technology in India has grown exponentially in the last few years. The sales of electronic products have penetrated almost every household and office in the country. […]

How to Start Scented Supari Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start a scented supari manufacturing business? This article includes a detailed sweet supari-making business project guide with the production process and ingredients you need. The supari is also popular as a betel nut. The scientific name of supari is Areca catechu. The supari grows in much of the tropical Pacific, Asia, […]

How To Start a Cheese and Paneer Making Manufacturing Business

Cheese and paneer are the two major products in the dairy industry. And the demand for these items is increasing very fast. Any individual can start a cheese and paneer manufacturing business on a small-scale basis. Find here a detailed cheese and paneer manufacturing business plan sample checklist. Basically, cheese and paneer are value-added dairy […]

How to Start Jute Bag Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start a jute bag manufacturing business project with a small investment at home? Find here a sample jute bag making a business project plan with the manufacturing process, cost, machinery, and raw materials. Actually, jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber. It is also popular as ‘Golden fiber’. And currently, […]

How to Start Potato Chips Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start potato chips manufacturing business? This article includes a stepwise guide about how to start a potato chips factory on small scale. Also, we have covered the project cost manufacturing process with the flowchart, machinery, and licenses needed to set up the plant. Basically, potato chips are ready-to-eat snacks item. People […]

How To Start Tutti Frutti Manufacturing Business in 7 Steps

Do you want to start a tutti frutti manufacturing business? Find here a detailed tutti frutti making business plan sample checklist. As a matter of fact, tutti frutti is widely used in the bakery industry. It finds wide use in bakery and confectionery products, jellies, puddings, ice cream, and sweetmeats. Also, it is a household […]

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