How To Start A Drop Shipping Business From Home in India

Drop shipping business is a specific method of online selling. And here you don’t need to store the inventory. There are some drop shipping service providers in the market. And they do the all hard work on behalf of you when you get orders. However, they will charge fees for the services.

Among all the online selling options, drop shipping is the most profitable one. Additionally, you can start this business from home with a very minimum infrastructure. Generally, you will need to have a computer with internet connection and a phone.

What Is Drop Shipping Business?

First of all, you setup an online store. A customer places an order at your online store. The money changes hands and is transferred to your bank account.

At that point, you forward the order to a drop shipping company and pay for the same product (at a lower price than what your customer is paying you for the same item). The drop shipper takes the product from their warehouse, packages it nicely and sends it to the customer.

Your customer receives the product days later. Your company info appears as the sender. Your customer is happy with the product. Additionally, you are happy because you made a sale that resulted in only profit, all without ever having to stock or even touch this product throughout the entire transaction.

A good product from a trusted drop shipping supplier will eliminate the need for any up-front investment on your part. At the same time, you are returning with a healthy profit margin on each and every product you sell.

Things To Consider In Starting A Drop Shipping Business

Certainly, there are many crucial aspects of this business. And you must consider those seriously to get the success from the business. Here we put some of the important considerations in starting the business.

  • Find a supplier carefully. You can find suppliers online as well as offline. Additionally, check their conditions and procedures of delivery.
  • Find a niche of your product. Try to choose a deep niche item. It will help you in the conversion.
  • Check the tax regulations of your state. Check whether it attracts your product or not.
  • Choose a best selling platform. Additionally, you can setup your own online store.
  • Feature and upload the products in a professional manner.