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6 Best Ways To Earn Money From Your Facebook Account

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you know that you can earn handsome money from your Facebook account? Yes, you can make money from the account by sitting at your home. Here, we list down the most appropriate and legitimate ways of making money from Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. And it has more than 1.65 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2016. Additionally, the population on Facebook is increasing very fast.

If you have your own account on Facebook, you can earn handsome money by applying these methods. So apart from socializing with friends and relatives, earn money from Facebook.

6 Ways To Make Money From Your Facebook Account

#1. Create a Facebook Business Page

These days, every small and big business looks for a good looking Facebook business page. And in most of the time, they are willing to pay for that creative work. If you are an expert on this subject, you can create commercial business pages, you can offer your service.

And you can start this business absolutely from home without any such investment. However, you must have adequate knowledge of creating great Facebook pages for your clients.

#2. Earn Money From Likes & Shares

They are commercial companies that offer payments for Facebook likes and shares. And for this business, you don’t need to have any business page of your own.

You can just earn money from your personal Facebook page. In this option, the more you get likes, you will be earning more money.

#3. Manage Other’s Facebook Account 

Social media consulting is a very trending home business nowadays. Any individual having adequate knowledge and skill can start this business from his or her comfort of the home.

There are celebrities, politicians, and popular personalities who look for this professional service. And this is one of the most profitable options for making money from Facebook.

#4. Publish Direct Adds

You can publish adverts for products and services on your page that will appeal to your fans. The business demands expertise, strategic planning, and dedication.

However, you must have a considerable amount of fan followings to get success. Furthermore, you must have a page concentrated on a specific topic or subject. Thus, it creates followers interested in that topic.

#5. Publish Sponsored Post

There are so many advertising companies who prefer to promote the written post rather than images. Additionally, there are a lot of companies that offer payments for promoting their posts on the Facebook page.

So, you can make money by sharing such sponsored posts on your Facebook page. However, to make a sufficient income regularly, you must have a massive, active, and targeted followership. Moreover, this is a great opportunity of earning money from your Facebook account instantly.

#6. Sell Affiliate Products

This is a comparatively easy way of making money from Facebook. There are so many online marketplaces that run affiliate programs. When you sign up, you can promote the product link anywhere. And when a customer buys the product from that affiliate link, you will get a commission. Some of the most prestigious sites are Amazon, Clickbank etc. So you can promote affiliate products on your Facebook page to earn money.

Here we list the most successful 6 ways of making money from the Facebook account. If you something new and another option, let us know on our social media platform. We will update the list accordingly.

Happy earning!