How to Start Jute Bag Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start a jute bag manufacturing business project with a small investment at home? Find here a sample jute bag making a business plan with the manufacturing process, cost, machinery, raw materials.

Jute plant is largely found in coastal areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. Jute is used in clothing, clothing items, upholstery, and soft furnishings, packaging, etc. Find below, a stepwise of starting jute products making business.

Step to Start Jute Bag Manufacturing Business

Understand the Market

Like any other business, understanding the local demand of the market is essential. Go for market research exercise about the local demand and information regarding the products and prices of the existing jute manufacturers, if any.

Decide on Jute Products to Manufacture

This is a critical part while starting a jute making business. If you are a beginner, it is advised to choose one or a few products and concentrate more on making them profitable. We list down some of the popular jute products that have a good demand in the market:

  • Designer Jute Bags
  • Jute Gift & Promotional Bags
  • Jute Files & Folders
  • Jute Purse
  • Jute Wedding Bags
  • Jute Wedding Basket
  • Jute Table Mats
  • Jute Envelopes
  • Jute Slippers
  • Jute Laptop Bags

Craft a Business Plan

If you are planning to start on a small scale, right from your home, a one-page short business plan will do. However, a professionally crafted business plan is necessary if looking to operate on a larger scale and looking for funding. If needed, you can take help from business plan generators while writing the business plan.

Register your Business

You must register your business with the proper form of business organization. For a very small startup, you can opt for a proprietorship company. However, you may go with partnership, LLP or INC companies according to your business size and investment model.

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Generally, this type of business doesn’t demand any specific licenses from the Government authorities. However, check the local Federal laws before initiating the business. Also, you will need to check the upcoming tax liabilities too.

Name Your Jute Making Business

It is extremely important to give a proper name to your jute products manufacturing business. Choose a catchy and relatable business name in which customers can relate with your company at ease.

Learn Jute Bag Making Manufacturing Process

Find below the basic steps involved in jute making business:

The basic raw material to make jute products are jute rolls. Next is cutting the roll into desired shapes as designed with the help of a cutting machine. If you are making laminated jute products, you need to process the jute rolls with the lamination process before cutting. Next, with a silkscreen printing machine print the products. The final stage of the jute bag making business is the stitching.

Arrange Finance

You can fund the business out of your own savings or avail business loans or government grants. We also help in financing small business/ personal loans through our funding partners. Apply here if you need any assistance.

Buy Jute Bag Making Machinery

Though you don’t require much machinery for making jute products, still you have to procure some basic equipment listed below:

  • Cutting Machine
  • Laminating Machine, if you wish to make laminated jute products.
  • Screen Printing Machine
  • Sewing Machine

The demand for jute products is surely going to increase in the coming years. Jute provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic products. If you are looking for a small manufacturing business with low investment, jute making venture is worth considering.