10 Top Paying Affiliate Programs For The Beginners

Affiliate programs are the best way of making money online. Additionally, this is a highest paying option online. Furthermore, in affiliate programs, you have the full control of your income. Your earnings only depend on how mush you sell from the affiliate.

There are numerous ways, you can promote affiliate products online. When a customer buys a product from that link, you get a commission.

However, it is important to know what are the best affiliate sites. Additionally, what affiliate programs are best on what products. So, here we put a list of top 10 highly paying affiliate programs for the beginners.

List Of 10 Best Paying Affiliate Programs

#1. Hosting Affiliate

Hosting affiliate programs are the highest paying affiliate. Generally, people buy hosting plans from the affiliate link. And globally, the affiliate selling percentage is 70%.

However, like any affiliate product, you must have adequate knowledge about different types of hosting plan. And what type of plan is perfect for what types of websites.

Just start your own blog. Write in-depth reviews about the different hosting plans. And promote the affiliate link.

Some of the most popular hosting companies that you can promote are HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost, SiteGround, DreamHost etc.

#2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a high paying affiliate program network owned and run by the search engine giant Google. It provides advertisement units to publishers. When you sign up for the program network, it enables you to use your publisher account to earn money through the ads posted by Google on your website / blog.

Additionally, with a very small numbers of traffic, you can apply for this affiliate. We at ShineEdutech also use Google AdSense and it pays advertising revenue to us.

#3. Clickbank Affiliate

Clickbank is one of the most oldest affiliate programs worldwide. Additionally, the company is hugely popular among the affiliate marketers.

In some specific products, Clickbank offers 75% commission maximum. So the marketers can earn handsome money from Clickbank affiliates. Additionally, Clickbank pays through cheques, bank transfer and PayPal also.

#4. Amazon Associates

Amazon is now an eCommerce giant globally. And in Amazon Associate, you can get a wide range of products. The site caters books, apparels, cosmetics, personal care products, jewelleries, luggage, baby care products and you name it.

The highest commission you can earn from Amazon is 12%. Additionally, the site offers deals, EMI options, COD for the consumers.

#5. WordPress Themes & Plugins

If you are a WordPress expert, you can promote themes and plugins. And these are highly paying affiliate programs. There are several specific themes for different types of blogs. Such as themes for travel blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs etc.

Additionally, there are several helpful and effective plugins that help site owners tremendously. These plugins work as SEO tools and keyword research tools.

#6. Business Tools Affiliate

There are several business tools affiliate programs that pay handsome amount to the marketers. Some of the most popular tools are business plan software and several other software including accounting, retail, HR etc.

Additionally, there are several sites that allow the user to craft customised logo, business name etc. These are also highly paying affiliates. Additionally, there are several popular sites that provide customised business stationery printing.

#7. Job Affiliates

If you want to run a job site, then you can monetize your site through several jobs affiliate programs. Some of the most popular affiliates are Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Naukri that provide high commission affiliate programs.

Generally, these sites offer cheques only payment option to the marketers.

#8. iTunes Affiliate

iTune is an Apple product. And it is famous as the highest selling affiliate worldwide. If you can write in-depth and unbiased reviews about the products, you can generate handsome commission from the affiliate program.

However, you must have adequate knowledge about iTunes products, their advantages, and disadvantages.

#9. Travel Affiliate

Travel blogs are the very popular globally. And if you are a travel enthusiast and want to monetize your travel blog, there are several affiliate programs you can promote.

Some of the most popular affiliates are TripAdvisor and Yatra. Additionally, you can promote products from Amazon also.

#10. VCommission Affiliate

VCommission is one of the perfect affiliate programs for the beginners. They have tie-ups with a wide range of companies.

Here you can promote a wide range of products according to your niche audience. However, threshold income is very high in VCommission.

Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is the largest eCommerce company in India. And Indian consumers generally prefers to buy from the Flipkart. So, if Indian consumers are your target audience, you can promote Flipkart products.

The company allows COD facility and also provides lucrative deals time to time to the consumers. In the lifestyle items, you can earn even 15% affiliate commission.

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So, these are the best affiliate programs available for the beginners. Apart from these, there are also several segments that have affiliate programs. We will definitely provide more info in future about other affiliate programs.