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Top 50 Agriculture Business Ideas in India for 2022

    Are you looking forward to starting your own agriculture business? Looking for agriculture business ideas? Well, the first step is obviously to select the sector in which you want to invest. Though the service sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years, the agricultural sector still remains the heart of Indian business and investment.

    Hence if you are a beginner for sure-shot gains, look for low-investment agriculture or farming business ideas that have the potential of providing good returns.

    Now, agriculture is a vast sector. It has several wings and your next step is to choose the area in which you want to invest. Which are the most lucrative yet low investment business areas in agriculture? Let’s check out the most profitable agricultural business ideas and opportunities.

    List of  50 Agriculture Business Ideas

    1. Rice Cultivation

    Rice is one of the most consumed grains in the world. This is the reason the cultivation of rice is considered one of the most profitable businesses in the world. So if you have a swampy and waterlogged area in hand go for rice cultivation, this is one of the most popular agriculture business ideas in the country.

    2. Vegetable Farming

    If rice is the staple food of many races around the world, vegetables are not far behind. Tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber are some of the most eaten vegetables around the globe. These vegetables are not only cost-effective but also can be grown during the months in which you cannot grow rice and other grains; like carrots, which can be grown along with watermelons and cucumbers.

    3. Potato Cultivation

    There are various kinds of potatoes eaten throughout the world; sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes are two such kinds. You can export potatoes easily as these have a long life. Potatoes are not only consumed at home but are also used widely by fast-food chains and chip makers. Hence this crop has a large customer base, claiming a 3rd position among the top 50 agricultural business ideas.

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    4. Fruits Plantation

    Mangoes, strawberries, papaya, guava, cashew nuts, oranges, apples, pawpaw, and cherry are some of the most eaten fruits around the world. Before choosing which fruit you want to produce, explore the local market to understand the demand.
    Fruits also have a large market because, besides domestic requirements, these are used to prepare jams and salads. Fruits like apples can last for a large span of time when properly packed.

    5. Cotton Wool Farming

    Cotton and wool are considered cash crops as these provide high returns with minimal investment. These are major components of the garments industry and hence you will never have a limited number of customers; be it summer or winter.

    6. Rubber Plantation

    This is also known as an economic crop. Rubber is used in various kinds of industries, from the manufacture of bags, and containers to electrical and mechanical products. Rubber is believed to be an investment for life, serving from one generation to the other. Hence this is one of the best farming ideas which takes care of your future generations as well.

    7. Maize Cultivation

    Maize is another popular crop for its variety of usage; besides serving as a staple food, it is also used as flour and to make beer. It can be cultivated throughout the year and hence you can start getting returns on your investment quite fast using this farming idea.

    8. Tea and Coffee Cultivation

    Beverages are another popular consumable globally. If you have the right kind of soil, tea and coffee can serve as cash crops for you. Tea and coffee are top export items and can bring in a lot of returns on your investment. So this is one of the best agricultural business ideas these days.

    9. Sugarcane Plantation

    Sugar, jaggery, and sugarcane juice are just a few forms in which people consume sugarcane on regular basis. If you want a business that caters to both domestic and international markets equally, go for sugarcane farming.

    10. Bamboo Farming

    Looking for a quick business idea? Go for bamboo farming. This is an economical business with high returns. Bamboos grow fast and are used widely as a building material, to make handicrafts, for paper manufacture, for preparing medical instruments, for constructing weapons, and also as fiber.

    11. Flower Plantation

    Be it a moment of happiness or sadness, be it love or compassion, a bouquet of flowers serves as an apt gift in any condition. So depending on the soil type at your place go for a flower plantation. This is one of the best agriculture business ideas for those who love farming.

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    12. Mushroom Farming

    This is one of the edibles which occur naturally. This is the reason the cultivation of mushrooms is economical. It is well known for its rich nutritious values and hence is in large demand throughout the world. Mushroom farming is among the most lucrative home-based agriculture business ideas that can be started with little investment.

    13. Livestock Breeding

    Cattle rearing is a different kind of farming business. Get a cattle ranch ( the place where bullocks, cows, ox, bulls, camels, and calves are kept) and start your cattle rearing business.

    14. Pig Farming

    Pork is another popular meat item in India. Pig farming is easy and lucrative business, which can be started under any environmental condition.

    15. Fishery

    Most people in India eat fish. Trout, salmon, rohu, catfish, Pomfret, and prawn are some of the most eaten fish around the world. Get a tank or pond, fingerlings, and fish feed, and your business is in place.

    16. Goats and Sheep Rearing

    Besides cattle, breeding goats and sheep also provide a lucrative business. Sheep are reared for wool while goats provide meat which is consumed globally.

    17. Snail Farming

    Snail farming requires very low investment. People who are scared of the calorie intake caused by beef or pork resort to snail meat, which is very delicious and nutritious.

    18. Poultry

    Chicken is another sumptuous food item in the world. Hens, quails, Guinea fowls, turkey, and ducks have a large market. Besides meat, having poultry means you also have the egg market in hand.

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    19. Bees Farming

    Honey is considered a safe sweetener. It is also used as a medicine and so bee farming is one of many popular good agricultural business ideas.

    20. Bird Breeding

    Birds are loved by people around the globe and hence are sold as pets worldwide. Breed birds like parrots, which have a good market.

    21. Fertilizer Manufacturing

    Fertilizer is inevitable for any crop cultivation. It is a cost-effective business with high gains. From individual farmers to wholesalers and the government, fertilizer has a large customer base.

    22. Pesticide Manufacturing

    Now, the same fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides are mandatory for healthy crop growth. Besides preventing insects and fungal growth in fields, these are also used to preserve grains, fruits, and vegetables for longer periods.

    23. Fumigation

    This service refers to the prevention of unwanted weeds and insects on the field and hence is required by every farmer. You need a license to start this business, that is it and then you can get as much profit as you want, that too with low investment.

    24. Perfume Production

    Air fresheners and perfumes are natural products. Specific plants and flowers are used to prepare aromas. Aromatics have a global market and hence is a good agricultural business idea.

    25. Jute Cultivation

    Jute bags are known to be environment-friendly and more and more people are shifting from plastic bags to this kind of eco-friendly bags. It is also used to prepare handicrafts and home décor. This agricultural business requires low investment but has a wide scope.

    26. Distributor

    Now, while so many people are engaged in the production of grains, vegetables, and fruits, who is going to arrange the marketing of these products?  The distribution of agricultural products is an important business. So if you do not want to get into cultivation start as a distributor; just you need to have cold storage and vehicles to get going.

    27. Bag Manufacturer

    Agricultural products are generally transported through bags. Food items and natural products are perishable items and need to be stored properly. Take up this responsibility and be a manufacturer of agricultural bags; this has a large market and hence is a profitable business.

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    28. Spice Plantation

    Spices are key ingredients in any gourmet. If you have the right soil for spice production this can prove to be a very good source of income; cardamom, turmeric, cumin, and cloves are some of the most wanted spices.

    29. Tobacco Farming

    Tobacco has a readily available market both locally and internationally. A large number of companies are there looking for high-quality tobacco. If the local laws allow tobacco farming, it can be among the most lucrative agriculture business ideas for you to consider.

    30. Herb Cultivation

    Herbs play a pivotal role in the drug manufacturing industry. Herbs are in high demand throughout the world and also do not require much investment.

    31. Timber Production

    Wood is one of the most precious agricultural products. Every part of a timber tree is usable and hence planting the right tree can be profitable. There are both easy-to-grow and fast-growing plants; you can choose one as per your feasibility. Timber is not only used as a building material but also as a craft fiber and for making ornamentals.

    32. Nursery

    Where do the farmers get the seeds and twigs? From a nursey; so this is one of the most cost-effective agricultural business ideas these days. Set up your own nursery, grow and sell high-quality plants for infinite profits.

    33. Dairy Farming

    The skin, milk, manure, and meat of cattle have a large market, making it a profitable business. So if you have enough space start your business with domestic animals like cows; start your franchisee business with milk and cheese.

    34. Oil Production

    Be it for cooking purposes, cosmetics, or medicinal purposes, oil has a variety of uses throughout the world. If you are looking for a low-investment agricultural business, cultivate plants like mustard, coconut, and palm.

    35. Pet Food Production

    Pet food has immense demand both by households and livestock breeders. To produce crops that cater to pet food production.

    36. Worm Breeding

    Compost is used by farmers for food growing. Worms are also in high demand by fisheries and people who love fishing. So start your own agricultural business with worm breeding.

    37. Butterfly Farming

    Gardeners are often in need of butterflies to grow flowers. This field of agriculture is yet to receive much attention and hence has a high scope of development. Get a butterfly colony and high profits are ensured.

    38. Potted Plant Sale

    Nowadays many people do not want to bear the hassle of developing a garden all by themselves; it is easier to place readymade potted plants in the garden or balcony. So help people decorate their house by selling potted plants. This is a unique agricultural business idea due to its low investment and high return scope.

    39. Flour Production

    This agricultural business idea involves getting buckets of corn, yam, bean, or maize, drying these, and grinding them into flour. Flour has a global market and hence is a profitable business.

    40. Fish Hatching

    Fisheries also require fingerlings along with fish feed. Start a fish hatching and consulting business to help farmers get and grow good quality fish.

    41. Poultry Equipment Manufacturing

    This agricultural idea involves engaging artisans and preparing cages and other necessary tools required in broilers.

    42. Urban Agriculture

    Low on space? Staying in a city? Still, agriculture is possible. Plant some crops in small or vertical containers and get some extra income. Urban agriculture is among the most profitable agriculture business ideas according to experts in the coming days.

    43. Organic Gardening

    Go for organic farming. People are more concerned about their health these days and hence this kind of gardening is in high demand.

    44. Renting Agricultural Equipment

    If you can invest a bit more money you can buy agricultural equipment and rent these to farmers. Small farmers are often reluctant to buy expensive tools and hence this kind of service is popular.

    45. Farm Consultation Service

    If you have adequate knowledge in farming along with academic certificates you can start your agricultural consultation service. These days farmers are keener on learning advanced scientific farming methods and so this kind of service is high in demand.

    46. Farm Sitting

    Sometimes farmers require people to protect their farms from trespassers. Create a team and offer security services. This is a new agricultural idea that is in great demand these days.

    47. Eco-Tourism

    These days, people often look for escapades from the honking horns and smoke of city life. They love to have a taste of village life; start their agro-tourism business and let people know about farming, stroll on the green fields and taste authentic local food.

    48. Create a Small Zoo

    Form a small zoo with birds, fish, and domestic animals and invite people to your zoo. You can also start this agricultural idea as a part-time business along with livestock breeding or butterfly farming.

    49. Educational Farming

    Students interested in the agricultural study often need hands-on experience. If you have enough knowledge in farming and own a piece of land then coordinate with universities and help students learn about agriculture. This is both a hassle-free and lucrative educational business idea.

    50. Planting Service

    If you do not own land or want to have enough experience before starting your own agricultural business, the best idea is to start working with other farmers. This freelancing business comes with zero financial investment.

    These are our selected agriculture business ideas that have ample scope for young entrepreneurs to enter this field and make good money if planned properly.