Top 20 Best Business Ideas in the Agro Based Industries in India

    Do you want to start a business in the agro based industry? Find here a list of 20 most promising agro-based business ideas for the young entrepreneurs. Also, the article contains a detailed paragraph about the importance of agro-based industries in India.

    Still, agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector. Also, it plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic fabric of India. However, agricultural produces have the short shelf life. And we can’t keep the product as edible for a long period of time. Additionally, some of the products need processing to make it edible like paddy, wheat etc. And here the industrial activity becomes significant.

    Basically, the agro based industry depends on the raw material produced by the agricultural sector. Hence, it includes processing, preservation, and preparation of agricultural production for intermediate and final consumption. Also, it is highly interconnected with the food processing sector.

    In India, the agro-based industry is one of the most profitable sectors for starting new ventures. You can ensure the availability of the raw materials easily. And there is a more 130 crore population domestic market. So, find here a list of 20 most profitable agro-based business ideas that you can start low or moderate capital investment.

    List of 20 Agro Based Business Ideas

    #1. Bakery

    The bakery is the traditional sector in Indian agro-based industry. It produces a wide range of value-added food items. The list may include biscuits, wafers, bread, cake, pastry, patties etc. A small-scale bakery business requires small capital investment. Also, you can start by capturing the local market.

    Raw Materials: Wheat flour and other ingredients.

    #2. Beaten Rice Making

    Beaten rice is also popular as Chira or Poha. Basically, it is a staple breakfast diet. Also, it has good nutritional value. In a beaten rice manufacturing unit, you will need the only raw material that is paddy. With some simple machinery and equipment, you can produce beaten rice.

    Raw Materials: Paddy

    #3. Coconut Oil Production

    In the southern part of the country, coconut oil is an important cooking oil. Apart from cooking, it is an essential ingredient in the soap, body oil and hair oil manufacturing industry. The product has good market demand. If you live in a coconut growing area, you can start the commercial production with a small capital investment.

    Raw Materials: Dry Coconut

    #4. Coffee Processing

    In our country, some of the major coffee producing states are Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Assam. Currently, coffee is getting huge popularity as a frequent hot beverage not only in winter but throughout the year. Actually, the rapid urbanization and the growing cafe retail are the major reasons behind it.

    Raw Materials: Coffee

    #5. Dal Milling

    Pulses and lentils are the important cash crop in our country. However, they need proper processing to make them consumable. In India, dal milling is a profitable business. Depending on the production output, you can start this business at any size. Generally, the large-scale operation ensures more profitability.

    Raw Materials: Pulses

    #6. Flour Milling

    Generally, flour mills produce a wide number of products. The list may include wheat flour, whole wheat flour, sooji, Gram flour, Sattu etc. Flour milling is a traditional agro based industry in India. Also, it is an easy business to start. Apart from the localized flour mills, established brands earn more profit from this business.

    Raw Materials: Wheat Seeds

    #7. Fruit Juice Making

    India’s agroclimatic condition is perfect for different types of fruits farming. You can find en numbers of fruits here. However, fruits are perishable items. And keeping them in the cold storage sometime enhances the price considerably. Therefore, fruit juice production activity helps to reduce the post-harvest loss.

    Raw Materials: Fruits

    #8. Ginger Garlic Paste Making

    Ginger garlic paste is ready to cook food item. Definitely, it is an emerging product. Also, it gains huge popularity in the urban demographics. The changing lifestyle and food habits are the major reasons for the growing demand for this product. Ginger garlic paste production process is simple. And you can start the business with the small investment.

    Raw Materials: Ginger & Garlic

    #9. Jackfruit Processing

    Jackfruit is one of the largest tree fruits in the world. The tropical countries are the major producers of jackfruits. As the shelf life of jackfruit is very less, you can produce different types of value-added products from jackfruit. These products are nutritious and tasty also.

    Raw Materials: Jackfruit

    #10. Jaggery

    If you live is a sugarcane producing area, you can open a jaggery. In India, only Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra produce good jaggery which is export quality also. Actually, sugar cane is one of the most important commercial crops of the tropics and is the main source of sugar. Jaggery is a labor-intensive business. Also, you need to ensure the availability of raw materials.

    Raw Materials: Sugarcane

    #11. Jam Jelly Making

    India has the diverse agro-climatic conditions, varied soil type, and abundant rainfall. Due to this, our country is a potential grower of high-value horticultural produce. Fruits are an important source of energy for human-beings but they are perishable items. However, we can prepare en number of value-added products that have the larger shelf life.

    Raw Materials: Fruits and other ingredients

    #12. Mustard Oil Production

    In our country, mustard oil is an important edible oil and cooking medium. Also, it is an essential item in the traditional pickles making industry. Also, our country has the largest number of commercial varieties of oilseeds. Therefore, mustard oil production is a financially lucrative business for the new entrepreneurs.

    Raw Materials: Mustard seeds

    #13. Pickle Making

    Generally, pickles are fruits and vegetables preserved in the vinegar or brine solution. Commercial pickle production is a profitable business. Also, the requires small capital investment initially. Some of the most popular pickle varieties are mango pickles, mixed pickles, cucumber pickles, jackfruit pickles, lemon pickles etc.

    Raw Materials: Fruit & Vegetables

    #14. Pineapple Processing

    Pineapple is a seasonal fruit crop. Additionally, it is a highly perishable item. Hence, it results in a huge post-harvest loss during the peak season. However, producing different types of value-added products ensures the preserve and good revenue earning.

    #15. Rice Milling

    Rice is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production. Also, it is the major staple food in our country. However, paddy requires specific processing for producing edible rice. Hence, rice milling is a traditional industry in India. And still, you can earn a very good revenue from the rice milling business.

    Raw Materials: Paddy

    #16. Spice Processing

    Currently, both the type of whole spice and powder spice are getting immense popularity. Spice processing method is simple. If you deal with chili, then only you need NOC from the state PCB. The business requires low capital investment. Also, you can start the unit with a small infrastructure.

    Raw Materials: Whole Spices

    #17. Sugar Milling

    Initiating an integrated sugar mill requires a lot of planning and moderate capital investment. you need a wide area of land also. Basically, sugar milling is a medium-scale business. However, the business is highly profitable financially. Also, the product has good export potential.

    Raw Materials: Sugarcane

    #18. Sunflower Oil Production

    Basically, sunflower oil is an essential cooking oil. Apart from the cooking, it is an important ingredient in the bakery soap, canning,  paint, and even in the cosmetic and medical industries. The packaging is a major aspect of the sunflower production business. The business requires moderate capital investment and marketing planning.

    Raw Materials: Sunflower seeds

    #19. Tamarind Paste Making

    Tamarind pulp is edible. And people use the tamarind pulp in preparing different types of food. Also, it is used as the pickling agent. Basically, tamarind has a sour taste. Tamarind paste has many culinary uses including a flavoring for chutneys, curries, and the traditional sharbat syrup drink.

    Raw Materials: Tamarind

    #20. Tomato Processing

    Tomato is an important vegetable crop in India. Commercial tomato processing is a profit-making agro based business. And you produce different value-added products including puree, sauce, ketchup, juice etc from tomato. And the tomato juice and pulp have industrial use along with domestic consumption.

    Raw Materials: Tomato

    In our country, agro based industries play a pivotal role in the overall economic development. Also, this is an evergreen industry which ensures constant profitability.