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How to Start a Jewellery Designing Institute in 5 Steps

    Jewellery designing institute business has enormous market potential because nowadays jewellery designing as a career is flourishing like never before. Earlier a few select families ran the business of jewellery designing and jewellery making. Moreover, the technical knowledge associated with this trait was kept a closely guarded secret and passed on from generation to generation.

    However, all that has changed. The current boom experienced by this industry has commercialized this art and opened new opportunities in the jewellery designing institute business.

    The gems and jewellery sector forms an integral part of the Indian economy as it forms a major component of export-led growth. The industry has been growing at a good pace over the last few years. However, the organized sector is also growing. With a strategic market for gems and jewellery, more and more multinational companies are foraying into the lucrative space globally.

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    There is always a demand in the global fashion industry for professionally qualified jewellery designers from across the world. There is a perpetual requirement of creative minds that can create designer jewellery and other fashion accessories for fashion shows and for fashion retailing.

    Increasing awareness of fashion trends, styles has increased the demand for a wide variety of jewellery. This creates an enormous potential for jewellery designing institute business.

    Jewellery designing institute business can be initiated with proper planning of curriculum and substantial capital investment. A jewellery designing institute is a type of educational institute or program that teaches students the art of jewellery design.

    5 Steps to Start a Jewellery Designing Institute Business

    1. Create a Business Plan

    It is important to craft a detailed business plan in starting jewellery designing institute. First, you need to decide what courses you will be offering, such as diploma, degree, vocational, distance or online. Every different course required a specific infrastructure.

    Determine your business objective and calculate the startup budget with the establishment, licensing, faculty and promotional cost. A detailed business plan will help you in arranging finance. It will also help you in understanding the business feasibility.

    2. Select Courses For Your Jewellery Designing Institute

    Create a course curriculum for the courses you are going to impart. Some of the courses are the following:

    1. Basic courses
    2. Industry oriented designing courses
    3. Computer-aided designing courses
    4. Styles of jewellery designing
    5. Diploma in jewellery designing
    6. Degree in jewellery designing

    3. Licenses & Permits

    According to the courses you are offering, you will need to obtain permission from specific authorities. Students always prefer having a degree from an accredited jewellery institute. You may initiate as a ‘Study Center’ of a reputed jewellery designing institute. It is advisable to consult with an attorney about the specific required permission for your location.

    4. Setup for Jewellery Designing Institute

    In establishing jewellery designing institute concentrate on space and infrastructure. You will need to be equipped properly with the necessary tools and arrangements. In this business, you will be catering to two kinds of education. One is theoretical and the other one is practical.

    Hire experienced and properly skilled faculty for the institute. Also, you will need to concentrate on assisting pass out students for placement.

    5. Have a Marketing Plan

    In promoting your jewellery institute first fix your target customers. Students want to feel like they can trust your brand. And they want to do it by gathering the opinions of the online community.

    Having a website is a must for promoting a jewellery school online. Concentrate on online promotion and on social media. Ask your former and current students to leave reviews about your university. These honest words can speak volumes and create a sense of trust in prospective students.

    Make it easy for students to follow your online activities by putting your social icons anywhere and everywhere. Getting action shots of your students and campus, taken by your students, portrays the vibrancy of your university better than any photoshoot ever could.

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