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Top 25 Student Business Ideas in India

Are you a college student in India and looking for student business ideas to make money spending a few hours a week? There are plenty of money-making opportunities to make money online and offline with zero or low investment. Here is a big list of best small business ideas which you can start right now.

Read on to find my compilation of the best small business ideas for students in India with no or low investment.

List of Top 25 Student Business Ideas in India

1. Start a Niche Blog

Students having a passion for writing should consider starting a niche blog while studying in college. Niche blogs are when you write about one thing, and one thing only.  Find something you are passionate about and start writing and creating content.  

To start a blog, we recommend WordPress. Our site is in WordPress and hosted by Siteground. You can check this Beginners Guide on how to Install WordPress from SiteGround.

2. PTC (Pay To Click) Ads

The world of the Internet offers you earning money just by clicking and viewing the ads for a few seconds. But be careful. There are websites that claim that they will pay on a ‘pay per click’ basis. But, they are just scams and all the time you spend on clicking will be added to their favour, as they show that they have a lot of visitors to their website.

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3. Car Detailing

Auto detailing business is a good way to make extra big money with low investment for students. Startup costs are low and earning potential is very high. Passion in cars and automobiles is a must to be successful in this business. Creative marketing is the key to achieving success in this business.

4. Computer Repair

Computer repair businesses are very cheap and easy to start.  If you are good with computers, fixing them is a great entrepreneur idea for college students.

5. T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is a low-cost business to start. Students having a passion for design can consider starting this business. There are many ways to print T-shirts. Students must first investigate the market before investing in a print method.

6. Start a Food Business

Indians are fond of food. As a student, you can open a food kiosk and provide tasty fast food to customers.

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7. Lawn Care

Lawn businesses are good profitable summer business to start that require little capital. I’d recommend checking out craigslist to find a push mower, weed wacker, and possibly a riding mower. You may need to find a used trailer to haul around your equipment.

8. Cleaning Service 

If you enjoy cleaning, this may be the business for you. You’ll need a vacuum and various cleaning supplies.

9. Greeting Card Making 

Greeting card making business is perfect for students who enjoy creativity and want to turn their creative minds into a successful venture. Consider your skills and as well as target consumers when determining the card types.

You will need to focus on two segments. One is standard predesigned cards and the other is customized for your client’s specific requirements.

10. Website Design and App Creation

Learn how to create websites using WordPress.  You will be surprised to know most people don’t have websites. Help them develop their websites and take professional charges.

11. Videos

Online videos are becoming an excellent way to show off your products or services. There are a lot of companies that don’t have the time or equipment needed to make a simple Youtube video. Get a video camera, editing software, and some lighting. Learn what your customer needs and help them get seen online!

12. Create a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel and earn a slice of the ad revenue. It could be reviews or guides related to your course subject, or pick any topic that really fascinates you (games, comedy, and music do particularly well). As well as running advertising or blagging freebies, down the line you could stream pay-per-view videos if you get enough subscribers

13.  DJ Service

Events occur all throughout the year in colleges. Some events need DJ service. You can also target weddings, community events, etc to expand your DJ service. To look into the costs of DJ Equipment click here.

14. Software Training 

Many college students are great with design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut, and so on. Did you know there are lots of people in your community looking to learn how to use these programs? Advertise on craigslist, create a website, and tell everyone about your business.

15. Clixsense 

It is needless to mention that there are a few scopes where a person can make money without any limitation. Through Clixsense you can make at least 5400/- monthly by spending only 3 hours a day on your PC or Smart Phone. Registration is free. You don’t need any specific skills to make money here. One of the best small business ideas from home without money

16. Micro Jobs

Some companies look for students and other people to complete their minor jobs like posting answers to forums, comments on their blogs, etc.….. These things are done to achieve online popularity. So, you can grab this opportunity to earn. One of the best part-time jobs because there is no skill or qualification required. All the instructions are provided by the companies to complete a task.

17.  Start a Sports Blog

Most Indians are sports lovers. It is a kind of religion for young Indians. Choose a niche and start a sports-related website.

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18. Accommodation Review Site

People in cities and towns always look for better and affordable accommodation. Start an accommodation reviews site for your campus or town

19. Online Language Course

Set up a Skype language course or conversational practice for learners around the world

20. Freelance Trainer

Whether it’s related to your current course or your dream career, offer your skills to peeps who need web design, illustration, writing or admin support. You’ll get CV-plumping experience to boot, too

21. Transcription Service

Offer a transcription service that types up lecture recordings, or use your graphic design skills to produce handouts for tutors

22. Scrapbook Making

Everyone wants to have a creative scrapbook of his/ her own. but everyone doesn’t have enough time or creativity that requires to craft a scrapbook. Students can start this business by helping others to have an attractively memorable scrapbook.

23. Tutoring

Start tutoring on the subject in which you have specialization. Every parent these days always is looking for a good tutor for their child. This is one of the best part-time jobs for students which you can start with no capital.

24. Promote E-Newsletter

Produce a campus e-newsletter and take paid advertising from local businesses, or do deals to offer readers discounts and competitions

25. Form filling or data entry:

There are data entry jobs, wherein you should refer the internet for filing the forms. Here you can earn a certain amount of rupees perform and so you will be paid on the basis of the number of forms.